View Full Version : Season II Round 4

2003.08.09, 11:53 PM
round four, our season finale at TTs in Columbus was today Saturday, aug 9.

Race reports for both mod sedan and F1 classes can be viewed at http://www.mini-zracing.com/

Pics from today and the report on the enduro race is pending

2003.08.10, 12:26 AM
That must have been a fun race being all close together at the end...that's the best. I had hoped to make it out there this year...perhaps in the winter some time I still can.

Congrats on a successful season!



2003.08.10, 10:40 AM
racing these definately makes the hobby enjoyable. you're more than welcome to race with us whenever you can make it. guaranteed you'll have fun.

We also did an enduro run after official racing was over. the report of this has been added on the site as well.

i'm still working on pics.

2003.08.30, 07:27 PM
*hits head on table* and..... i..... didnt ..... make..... it!!!!