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2003.08.13, 09:23 AM
Anyone doing any racing in Brisbane Australia or knows of any????


2003.09.04, 03:56 AM

im in brizze australia too! where aboots in brisbane do you live?

how old are you etc? ive been lookin for a track for ages, but cant find one, i rekon one of the hobby stores should make one.

did you get your mini-z at hobbyrama?

ne way, peace out

2003.09.10, 09:33 AM

I'm on the southside near Sunnybank. You?

I'm 22. I haven't got a Z yet but will be in Nov. Gonna get an MR-02 ENZO or maybe something else if Kyosho bring out other bodies by then. I've got a few other mates interested in playing mini-Z so I might try and organize a group buy if I can get enough ppl. Planning on building a small track at the end of this year and race! Just hope I'll have enough time by then. Hobbyrama...went there to take a look but don't wana get the mr-01.

How long have u had your Z? Any mods?

2003.09.16, 03:01 AM
im 14 and i got just a stock mini-z. my mum works out at sunnybank, maby when your track is done we can race

i have a stock z audi tt, scratched broken etc. from jumping :p

2004.05.02, 08:01 PM
I know this thread is old as but I am desperate for a decent place to race.... Have you guys found anywhere yet???