View Full Version : Race Ready chassis with Upright Motor Mount

2002.01.20, 08:32 AM
Here's a pic of a race ready Mini-Z chassis.
This uses a standard motor mount in the 'upright' position

The front has been lowered by 1.4mm
It has an Eagle/TopCAD 2 toe-in bar and a Kyosho anti-roll suspension top bar. It uses soft springs up front.

The rear has been dropped by 1.2mm and it's fitted with an Eagle/TopCAD 'soft' GRP H-Plate. No rear shock due to bodyshell space limitations.

Power is supplied by a Kyosho X-Speed motor, a 7T pinion.
full bearing kit and Eagle/TopCAD ball diff. An alloy heatsink/motor clip has been fitted too.

Wheels are Eagle 'Cyclone' directional wheels with 30 rubber and wider rears. You may notice pseudo disc brakes lurking within the alloy wheels :)

2002.01.20, 12:47 PM
This Post is just to show that there has been a posting here :D


2002.07.17, 02:17 PM
Where did you buy that mount I like the idea behind it.

2002.07.17, 03:08 PM

That is a standard motor mount in an upright position.
Refer to the Mini-Z Racer Manual on how to set the standard motor mount in an upright position.

2002.07.18, 09:33 AM
Wow, I knew that I feel stupid now. For some reason I thought the mount was anodized aluminum like the wheels and motor.

2002.07.18, 01:44 PM

Hehehe, perhaps it was the alloy heatsink motor-clip that got you there?