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2002.01.20, 10:05 AM
When we do things, we do it properly. Not like the German "half way";)

2002.01.20, 10:07 AM
Another pic from RC Racing

2002.01.20, 12:16 PM

2002.01.20, 12:18 PM
Brilliant - love the pit lane!

2002.02.11, 06:30 AM
Hey, you forget to show our track dude!


2002.02.11, 01:37 PM
Joan - very nice!

2002.02.11, 02:29 PM
Thanks dude!

Could'nt you add our page to your Clubs list?

2002.02.18, 08:40 PM
Sorry, we will with the next update!

2002.02.22, 08:39 PM
why is the pit lane soo small?
Other than the super small pit lane the track looks great!

mini Z modifier
2002.08.12, 11:54 AM
cool. the viper was winning. i like that the viper was in the lead in the pic cuz i have a dodge viper mini Z.:D

2002.08.21, 10:12 AM
BTW, is there any track near Stockholm?

2002.08.21, 12:20 PM
Originally posted by Obeesi
BTW, is there any track near Stockholm?

Obeesi. please go here (http://www.bobis.nu/miniz/forum)

2003.01.06, 08:42 AM
It's...it's Joan !!!, hey man I got all the videos from your site, wow you guys got a great track to race on !, keep up the good racereports and videos ! :)

2003.01.06, 04:23 PM

i see the infield bordering looks slightly raised from what is the tarmac. that must be cut plywood on top of plywood? or something else? any problems with cars frequently going into the other lanes being that there are no barriers?

2003.01.07, 04:05 PM
It was some time ago when I get those picīs from a friend how want to show me (at the time) the best mini-z track in Sweden.
Myself Iīve never seen it irl!
What he have told me itīs soft foam on... f*@%, dont now whats the english for it! Itīs not plywood, the other boards used in housebuilding and furniture?! There is more than a ―" for border and the cars use to flip over or tear some foam of it depending how they hit the borders. There are some more photos of it here !!! (http://home.bip.net/amazon/race/bana/index.htm)

Today I'll say there are a lot of tracks that are like that one or better, it's almost so i will do a sweden-tour just to drive on all off them =) (sweden is'nt that big...)


2003.01.08, 06:46 AM
Sweden isn't big hehe :)

I deffinetly want to go to Sweden one time, my dad used to go to Sweden a lot there for vacation, he knows his way around. Maybe I could convince him to go there again in the future so I can visit a few tracks, would be great !

And I'm deffinetly going to Japan one time in my life :D

2003.02.04, 09:57 AM
Sm0lders, I'm also going in Sweden, perhaps next summer. Swedish are very kind people and they have pretty good looking tracks over there, so what are we waiting for!

2003.02.06, 04:47 PM
Yeah!, we should make a Mini-Z Racer.com team and do a roadtrip trough Sweden!

2003.02.07, 12:52 PM
Sm0lders, Maybe we should do that! Example Malmö is not far away from Denmark, The Netherlands and Norwegian racers.

BTW, where do you live in Netherlands? I have been there couple times years ago..

le-manz! wake up! :p