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2002.01.20, 12:50 PM
Idea for adjustable width front track chassis from G-10 1/32" fiberglass or Carbon fiber. Working on adjustable width rear wheel mount to existing shaft.:cool:

2002.01.22, 02:51 PM
What about to use your idea on this slotcar chassi (http://www.monarchlines.co.uk/public_html/MotorModern/MotorModern.htm) ?

2002.01.22, 04:43 PM
DAMZer, how would the tie rod work, seems like you'd need a collection of different length ones?

2002.01.22, 05:31 PM
Still working on tying it all together.

Looking at brass rod, easy to solder, common structural shapes available, could possibly thread the center and adjust by turning it out or in.

Lots of thoughts but not much time!:cool:

2002.01.22, 05:34 PM

Seems that the idea could be applied to the slot car, would have to make an adjustable axle or use different axle lengths.

Maybe the same idea as for the mini-z, structural brass middle tapped to allow the axle length to be adjusted in and out along with the arms.:cool:

2002.01.22, 05:34 PM
Hey guys,

Seems like I started something with that Slot-Car link ;)

Slots are huge in the UK and now you got me-a-thinkin'..

I'll be at the British Toy and Hobby Faire on Saturday, I'll have a look at one of those chassis. Being made in Germany, I can only assume they'll charge a premium for it.


2002.01.30, 09:23 PM
Found a Resource for Precut Carbon Fiber Strips.

Sizes 1 x 12", 2 x 12", 3 x 12"

Thicknesses, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8

Prices are mostly under the 10 buck range.

Great for chassis work or custom h-bars.

Goto www.mcmaster.com and search for carbon fiber laminates.

2002.01.31, 06:55 AM

What thickness are those CF strips? 0.5mm/1.0mm/1.5mm?



2002.01.31, 12:28 PM
1" = 25.4mm :)


Why not just post were? ;) It might be better then the place I was going to buy my carbon from.. (but no one seems to care bout my Susp plates).

2002.01.31, 07:41 PM

No offence, but your right, I'm not intersted in your CF plates.
What I am interested in is 0.5mm C composition carbon-fibre sheeting. I can only get 1.4mm CSC 3 layer stuff here.
I am planning to put Ken Mifune's O-plate design into action. I have a CF supplier and they machine too. They made replacement chassis for my 1/10 scale RC road car.

The problem here is 1.4mm CSC is too thick and rigid for Ken's design! So, if I can buy some nasty 0.5mm C composition carbon-fibre, then half my 'problem' is solved :D
I need enough to run about 10-20 plates off..

Why so many? Being a Catholic, I am in to 'Mass production' ;)


2002.02.01, 08:56 PM
"Where" is posted if you're interested.

The 1 x 12" strip is around $4.00.

2002.03.01, 06:03 PM
Finally got my carbon fiber supplies in and combined the chassis concept with the aftermarket component swap. Dirtyman is first with the swap but I can't understand that I still haven't even gotten a thanks for the info I gave him. Oh well we move ever onward......

Here are the pics:

2002.03.01, 06:04 PM

2002.03.01, 06:04 PM

2002.03.01, 06:05 PM

2002.03.01, 08:26 PM
DAMZer - cool!!! So, how does this affect handling, performance etc.?

Ken Mifune
2002.03.01, 08:47 PM
Nice conversion. The electronics seem to fit well.
Would your electronic swap fit into a stock chassis?

I agree with you about information sharing. You should atleast get a "thanks".

How's that O-plate handle?

2002.03.01, 11:06 PM
If it doesn't rain tomorrow, will be at a 2EZ's home track for trials.

Don't know if there is much hope, but will give it a try and report back tomorrow.

Not satisfied with the bent wire tierod set-up.....a little too much flex, but as has already been said, that might be a good thing.:cool:

Ken, I am working on the stock swap. After I did the custom CF chassis and got all the measurements and notes, a little selective sidewall grinding would allow it all to fit. The actual height is the same as stock, width is a touch wider.

Ken Mifune
2002.03.02, 03:29 AM
I thought it looked a little wide.
How do the bodies look on it?
What kind of glue did you use?

2002.03.02, 04:08 PM
DAMZer!! :D

Well done, a good idea turned into a relaity.
I'd like to know how it hadles etc..

You are an asset to the hobby :)

2002.03.02, 05:00 PM
Thanks Mondo!!

the rain came today and hasn't stopped. Haven't run it against a stock mini-z yet so the specifics will have to wait. Pit raced with 2EZ via the phone and discussed some further mods.....

Ken, the CLK fits fine, its a tight spread to get it on, but with the slots grooved out on the battery boxes. it setttles into the same width without distorting the body. Used medium viscosity super glue with accelerator and thin for sealing the cut edges.

If I can get my hands on an extra chassis, I'm going to try a simpler fit of the electronics with maybe just a carbon fiber top plate over the electronics. My ultimate goal is simply to make a conversion that will accept most of the aftermarket parts for the suspension set-ups, use aftermarket electronics, and keep it in the stock width, length and height. I think its do-able and needed for those that get tired of the KY electronics melting down.:cool:

2002.03.09, 06:40 AM
what did you use to cut it with? And have any more pics :D pretty pretty pretty

2002.03.12, 06:37 PM

I know excactly how you feel! You and other people with great minds are taking this mini z thing to another level. Well Done.

Anyone up for a drag race?


2002.03.12, 09:47 PM
No more pics, sorry.

Ran it and was not satisfied. the rear O plate performed well and took out the roll. However the O plate is mounted directly to the flat bottom chassis. This required shimming under the rear motor bracket. I could hear the mounting screws scrubbing.

Need to make the changes on a naked standard chassis, or inset the rear plate mounts.

I cut the carbon fiber plate with a combination of razor saws for delicate cuts and miniature hacksaws for the gross cuts. Also used a wizard/dremel with fiberglass cut-off discs for interior cuts and beveling. Not difficult but messy, don't wear white!!


2002.03.15, 11:01 AM
And one more thing. Do not inhale Graphite dust. It's NOT good.

2002.03.15, 12:43 PM
you sound like you speak from experience...hehehe ;)

2002.07.18, 09:57 AM
Has anyone actually done this? I would believe by making it wider in the front it would greatly induce overseer. That just my 2 cents though.

2002.07.18, 10:02 AM
True, so you have to increase the rear to then :p

Wide GPM wheels and squat wide ball diff should see to that:cool:

2002.07.18, 10:29 PM
Perhaps using the new Kawada, I think, front end geometry would make the whole adjustable front end width come together.

NML had the right approach by using ABC DTM parts on the front end.

Post some pics if you go for it!

2002.07.21, 02:57 PM
DAMZer, re-reading this thread I realized that Kawada really made your vision a reality with the new M24 MID. For more info, see http://tinyrc.com

2002.07.21, 03:15 PM
Time money and imagination!! If only I had all of them a the same time!! LOL