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2003.08.21, 10:19 PM
LeMans simulation race is scheduled for Saturday, Aug 30th at Tom Thumb Hobbies in Columbus, Ohio. The preliminary rules for this race are still pending finalization. In general they are as follows:


>the current modified sedan rules as had been followed previously will apply in this race with some additions:

a. hotter running motors with FET/turbo upgrades are allowed though it may run the risk of more pit stops in the LeMans. This risk will be left to the individual racer to decide when setting up their car for the race.

b. any aftermarket motors and upgrade option parts are allowed in the mod class provided the motor/option parts in use is originally meant for the miniZ. custom work is reviewable on an individual case by case basis

c. any currently available chassis meant for the Z allowed ie MR01, MR02, pro-z, squat cf chassis.

d. any tire compounds (foam or rubber) allowed regardless of brand

e. head/tail light set required for this race for use during the night driving period- how the kit is powered will be left to the racer

f. higher capacity batteries allowed ie 750s, 800s. limit to four AAA batteries on the chassis regardless of capacity


>if more than 6 participants, we will do two sets of one hour enduros with the nonracers turn marshalling

if 6 or less show we can do a full two hour race if agreed upon

>at least one pit stop will be required (for each hour of racing) to change a minimum TWO batteries from your chassis ie two or four battery change on all pit stops

>at least one pit stop required (for the duration of the race) for at least a TWO tire change ie you can change two or all four depending on how your car is handling. This can be done either during a battery stop or as a separate stop. The procedure can be either swapping a spare set of rims with premounted tires or manually changing the tires on the rims currently in use.

>to simulate driving from daylight and into the night hours, the lights over the track would be dimmed for a duration during the race period at which point the racers would be required to have their light kits turned on.

The light kit can either be turned on for the entire duration of the race but must be on when the lights are dimmed.

>whether a one or two hour enduro, these will be solo drives so each driver will be responsible for their own car, own race result and also will allow equal chance to participate in night driving.


These are only the preliminary rules set forth for this race and are not all inclusive. They are also subject to updates and revisions pending further discussions.

2003.08.21, 10:31 PM
Now that sounds like fun! :cool:

Hope you run a few more races like this in the future. Maybe it'll be worth a trip from New York....


2003.08.21, 10:57 PM
thanks M n' M. this was actually an idea we've talked about for some time but after our last season it kind of spawned. Helps to have members willing to do it and a hobby store that supports the cause

this will be the first enduro of this length and will no doubt work as a pilot for possible future scenarious. we'll see.

a full race report with pics and podium placements will follow this event

3series takumi
2003.08.22, 12:31 AM
do ya think by any chance there could be an open 1/24th scale class race. or does anyone know where people race dtm's minix's tripmates or any other 1/24th

i wanna race people :(

2003.08.22, 07:05 AM

Kev71h is from san jose also and raced with us not too long ago here in columbus. he races his F1s on a slot car track somewhere over there. i'd drop him an email and see where they meet

good luck.

2003.08.22, 07:34 AM
I will asume my motor will not be allowed? ;)

Squat Bearing Can
Old First Generation NML Evader Armature ( I think 48t x-speed is 50t)
And of course My Neo Magnets...

Its not a go faster motor, its a make my Z work with the pars I have motor ;)

2003.08.22, 08:10 AM
yo drac. pleasure IM'ing this morning. i'm at work finally but didn't get into any trouble.

as for your motor, not exactly sure what to make of it. mike will have to be the final say on that one. We've never had any 'outlaw' classes per se and i fear this falls under that heading. On the other hand, custom foam jobs and anti pvc bumper mechanisms have been used in the F1 class in the past. That said, i'd bring your motor and we'll see how it goes. be interesting to see how it compares anyway

and besides, participation is key at this point:D

2003.08.22, 08:12 AM
looking forward to seeing/hearing how this one turns out:D , my kind of race!
no one is racing overlands yet?

2003.08.22, 10:09 AM
no one is racing overlands yet?

yeah, we've talked about it here and there but nothing serious has come of it. they've been selling at the hobby store but only one active racer has an overland. we're pretty much locked into the mod sedan and F1 arena at this point.

meeting every other saturday in a three hour window too it definately affects how many classes/heats are run on a given race day:(

2003.08.22, 10:42 AM
Originally posted by metal_on_metal
Now that sounds like fun! :cool:

That's the best idea I heard for racing mini-z's in a long time!!

2003.08.22, 05:24 PM
Oooh...One of these times I'm gonna have to fly in.

2003.08.23, 09:20 AM
A Possible Track Layout... for having lots of turns with out being a puzzle back and forth 90 degree mess.

36" narrows to about 25"

This is if hoses are used instead of stiff pipe ;)

Tom Thumb Hobby
2003.08.23, 09:51 AM
Awesome looking track. Makes me wish we used hose. However, we use 3/4 PVC with custom INTERNAL connectors so there is no big "knot" at each joint to damage cars. I am filing your design idea away in case we ever do change to something more flexible.

Thanks:) :)

2003.08.23, 11:20 AM
Yea I saw the photos, and was talking about "hoses" with West.F1 on AOLIM -- depending on the sectinos of PVC... you can still make the track with the PVC, just when I make my tracks on cad its easier to do the circles on the curves so I can draw the tangents etc, and keep an even lane width... heres the track with out curves, but likely too many short pipe sections..

2003.08.24, 09:54 AM
Originally posted by West.F1
>the current modified sedan rules as had been followed previously

West, got a link, I'm not sure if the version I have is "current"? So how many people does it look like we've got at this point? Enough for 2 1 hour events? Anyone want to post tentative setups so us out-of-towners can get an idea of a good starting point? :)

Also, Mike, need us to bring anything down w/ us? :)

2003.08.24, 01:11 PM
in general, it's pretty much a 'run what you brung' scenario provided it's a miniZ and with hop ups meant for the Z (regardless of brand). Nothing is so absolute that we haven't been open to exceptions so if you have a custom part (ie like drac's specialty motor or latency's custom foam tires) we won't gripe. mike has the final say of course if there is any question on useability.

as for set ups, men of you and drac's caliber shouldn't have any problems adapting quickly. i expect a finish in the top 6 from both of you;)

generally speaking you need four things: ball diff, CF h-plate, softer rear tires (avoid stock fronts), and driving skill. and of course the headlight kit. i bought a 1.5v battery yesterday to power the headlights. hopefully it'll last the duration of the race as i might have them on for the entire session. not sure yet.

here is the update on participants so far:

IN (for sure)

john (wtgfdbs)
jason (bigvxxx)
abe (west.f)
rodney (hckyft)
mr. mini-z
mr. draconious

IN (maybe)

in-law to mr drac
mark (skrogger)
cody (trigunpunisher7)

OUT (for sure):

kyle (latency)
roy (no alias)
robert (bobcat)

no replies:

kevin (bling20inch)

2003.08.24, 02:29 PM
Cool, and what is the plan should we have > 6 at this point, 2 races?

2003.08.24, 06:56 PM
update on the race:

If more than 6 of us show we can divide into two groups and do back to back one hour enduros. The ones not racing could turn marshall.

If 6 or less of us show, we have the option of doing a full two hour enduro. Turn marshalling can become problematic in this case however I can sit out if need be to turn marshall, take pics for reporting reasons and dim the lights come time in the race. we'll see.

The length of free practice prior to racing is up in the air however mike wants to end the day no later than 5pm. After that we'll be allowed to practice again until ?? hours of operation are 12-8pm on saturday

i've updated the original post

2003.08.25, 09:54 PM
Just make sure you give all those "Out-of-Towners" a good amount of practice time. It can be really tough getting the hang of a new track/surface for the first time. At the k-cup race we had a couple of hours to get things right as we could.

Heck, I got there the day before and it wasn't enough practice time:(

2003.08.25, 10:22 PM
Agreed w/ DAMZer - what is the current start time looking like - I need a lot more than the 1 hour that you guys do for normal meets! :confused:

2003.08.25, 11:09 PM
none to worry. since this is not an official points race we'll have some breathing room toward the start of actual racing.

as mentioned before, the store opens at 12 noon but mike would like us to end around 5pm. This gives us a 5 hour window to start and finish two hours worth of racing. With this I figure we can practice up to three hours, race two hours and end by the aloted time limit.

i'll be helping set up the track friday evening so we'll have immediate access to the track once the store opens. After 5pm, mike will let us resume open practice again, just that the timer won't be set up for racing but he usually lets us use it for tracking fastest laps.

If we're not burned out after the enduro, we can do smaller heats or try our hand at the F1s. We'll see.

If anyone else is willing we can all pitch in for pizza afterward too :D

2003.08.26, 06:46 AM
Like I said, im out on the pizza, ill go find a long john silvers, unless i get in that too lazy to go get food mood... then mayble ill have a slice or two, thing is I am so sick of pizza.. that all of them taste like doggydoo to me... All the pizza joints around me put crap load of cheeze, and hardly no sauce... i like it the other way around... with only ham/pepperoni as toppings... so I wind up just eating a box/bag of crazy bread... ;) Since i am a pop-aholic, (soda) i will be bringing my own personal supply....

2003.08.27, 08:34 PM
alright goons. Race day is coming up. If there are no qualms with what's been listed on the orginal post, then weíll just abide by whats on there.

Pitting is based on the honor system. Semper Fi! and all that wonderful stuff.

I've mentioned the headlight kit must be on at the time the lights are dimmed. nothing wrong with leaving them on for the entire enduro of course!

In the event we have under 7 show up, there will be no turn marshalling obviously. However thatís not to say you cant do a self rescue as we have been. Keep in mind rescue moves are only done IF your car is within reach and that you donít block anyoneís view in the process of saving yourself. Depending on where youíre standing (and if no one can help you) you may need to walk all the way around the slot car track to rescue your car. Itíll be a bummer but at least you can continue the race that way. always be careful. no wrinkling the carpet during the race!

The track will be set up this Friday evening so we can practice from the onset on saturday when the doors open. There is no set time to start but we do need to make sure we end by 5pm per mike. Starting time I guess would be determined when we all feel ready to begin or when 3:00pm hits. Whichever comes first

Thatís it for now. Later dudes

2003.08.29, 07:04 PM
Originally posted by West.F1
If we're not burned out after the enduro, we can do smaller heats or try our hand at the F1s. We'll see.

Cool, glad you mentioned it, I'll bring my F1, it's got an experimental FET upgrade and a Z-130-S-BB so if anyone wants to drag race that's cool too! ;) :D

I'm in for the Enzo stock race too. Put some MZR decals and a yellow MZR antenna on mine so I'll be able to tell who's who!

Originally posted by West.F1
If anyone else is willing we can all pitch in for pizza afterward too :D

Sounds good!

Update: I'll be bringing my camera phone and arch2b is going to try to post pics from the race in (somewhat) real time! Should be cool! I'll bring my laptop too and if I can get the bluetooth/cell modem/etc. madness to work, then we'll be able to post updates too. :D

2003.08.29, 07:19 PM
this is going to be fun:D let me know what time you guys get started so i can be here;)

2003.08.29, 07:27 PM
ut oh.... I will be taking my camera too... USB port / drive should not need any software on your lap top... so I could just send some shots that way too ;)

I could bring a video camera... but eh... im already taking more than I planned ;) if its neede dill dig up all the batteries... and reduce the "parts" box im taking...

2003.08.29, 07:43 PM
The more cameras, the merrier! West.F1 will have his too!

2003.08.29, 08:32 PM
man o man, all this technology with no one to take pics.. cause we're all racing!:D :D :D

alright dudes, the track is up!! went to TTs today and got it all situated. Just a matter of mike setting up the lap counter and we're ready to rock and roll. Sorry for no pics but i had to get some testing done before closing time. Had the lights dimmed while i was there to see how it would work (just in case it wouldn't). You guys are gonna love driving with the headlights on! Looks awesome with lights dimmed. The track layout is not too technical but just enough to test your. Plenty of room for overtaking too.

so the menu of the day... One Hour Enduro, Stock Enzo Cup race and modified F1s.

speaking of stock, it would be hard to make tire wear equal accross the board at the beginning of the race once practice has ended. Lets allow aftermarket tires only since practice time will make the stock tires useless for the race. everything else remains BOX STOCK.

mod F1 is 'run what you brung'. So miniZ, "bring what you got, and give us your best shot!";) :D

looking forward to meeting you guys. and thanks Arch2b for the assistance

2003.08.30, 07:10 AM
Cool, sounds good; good call RE the tires. I'm going to give the laptop a miss as I haven't been able to get the whole internet via cell phone thing to work and I already have more than can comfortably fit in the little MR-S!

2003.08.30, 02:45 PM
apologies for the late postings....network snafu;)
the following are pictures from the endruo race taking place today!
first group:
Drac, mark, jason, rodney

2003.08.30, 02:46 PM
west f1

2003.08.30, 02:48 PM

2003.08.30, 02:51 PM
Group 1 winner mark saunders

2003.08.30, 06:17 PM
now we wait till everyone gets back and reports! look forward to reading westf1's always entertaining race summary

2003.08.31, 09:05 AM
A pin ball likely has less bounces per game than my car did in that race on that track... I could not find the propper tire set up, only had time to try 4 or 5 combos though... at least I dont have to worry about the gold stripes making my body ugly, cuz the gold stripes are now the better looking part of the body ;). I did better going around the slot car track, even around that bank...

2003.08.31, 09:40 AM
Very disappointed to say that somehow my car suffered a massive powertrain failure between practice on Thursday and the Race on Saturday, and was only able to reach approximately 1/3 of its previous top speed. The braking, however, allowed me to make up what I lost in the straights in the technical section and finish 4th overall, which was the top '01 position (podium was all MR-02s!). Other interesting tidbits: the MZR foams made it through an entire hour of racing with little wear! The GPM battery and motor sinks did a great job of keeping things cool through the extended run.
After the race, we demo'd the F1 with Z-130-S-BB and experimental 2x4 to the amazement of all! :)

2003.08.31, 09:51 AM
real time photos. now that's great!!

the LeMans was a huge success. Glad to have had drac and miniZ join us on this one. Was a pleasure meeting you fellas for sure!

there will be a slight delay in posting the detailed summary of this race as i am working this weekend. I will attempt to complete it as soon as possible with more pics of the race and it's participants in due time.

Tom Thumb Hobby
2003.08.31, 09:21 PM
Mini-Z and Drac

Just wanted to thank both of you for driving all the way down and racing with us. I was pleased that everything went smoothly ( except the power glitch in your car, Mini-z ) This was our first endurance style race but, after how this went, I am sure not our last.:D

Neither of you had much chance for practice on our track yet you did well. I hope you both enjoyed the race. I know I did.:) :)

It was a pleasure to meet both of you and I hope we can get together again sometime and race our Z's. Maybe next time we will drive up to the "state up north" as they say here in the home of the O.S.U. Buckeyes. :D :D :D

2003.09.01, 09:15 PM
here is that video, it needs a better web home, cuz this url is gona die eventualy... and 3mb is a big big for a 30 second film... so if any one wants to condense it feel free too ;).


It currently requires QUICKTIME to play it, at least on my PC, even though its a .avi file... so if it opens in media player, open quick time and load it to view it... unless u get lucky and it works ;).

2003.09.02, 09:41 PM
the report of the LeMans race has finally been completed and can be viewed at http://mini-zracing.com/

(sorry mini-z that i couldn't wait for the editing. got too excited:D )

2003.09.07, 04:09 PM
pics are up in my album under LeMans series

2003.09.08, 02:47 PM
Hey Abe u hear anything else bout that F-1 u told me bout?