View Full Version : having fun with a beetle

2003.08.24, 04:49 PM
i picked up a beetle asc from draconious! we chatted some about some cool things to do and decided the beetle would be cool to experiment with. the first thing is always adding my signature decal;)
the roof rack was not easy to make...curving the frame members to match the roof was difficult. it does allot to make it look very specific to the beetle.
it's nice working on a different scale too. i use the smaller dimension brass so it retains it's scale appearance as the overland's are much bigger. this one is more sqaurish in shape.

2003.08.24, 05:27 PM
Looks good! :D

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.08.24, 05:39 PM
Once again, folks, Arch2b's awesome work!
Arch, you are one awesome builder...

2003.08.24, 09:03 PM
Very nice job;) .It really loocks fantastic.

2003.08.24, 09:54 PM
arch2b... man you should change your username to 'roofrack'...

great job again... cool rims to boot... did you see my martha???


2003.08.25, 05:01 AM
Yep looks good :)

Better than my ugly sketch ;)

2003.08.26, 06:49 AM
here's a pic of a bug... looks like he had so much fun that it hurts.... i'd really hate to be the car in front of this guy on the track...