View Full Version : Dan's ride

2003.08.24, 10:49 PM
My mini has the following stuff doesn't look to shabby I don't think.

GPM Blue Alum rims
Stock, 30, and 10 degree rubber
RCRM Ball bearings
RCRM Blue Ball Dif
Blue battery clips
Blue front bulkhead
RCRM blue roll shocks
CF H-plate set
Kyosho Tierod kit

Soon to have
Alum motor pod
new motor

2003.09.13, 11:03 AM
nice looking ride you have there dan

what motor you getting?

2003.09.13, 02:47 PM
Was going to get an PN Speedy to do me till I got the cash for a NML however PN sent me a s03 instead for the same price so I guess I'm getting some fets and running an s03:)

2003.09.13, 09:06 PM
i should be getting the s03 and fets early next week (this monday/tuesday) should be fun installing :P