View Full Version : "Modded" altezza with new wheels

Initial D
2003.08.26, 08:17 PM
I got new wheels for my altezza so i decided to put them on and give them a spin. They have a very hard tire, so it will be my practice set. Anyway, i also found that one day my headlight cover had poope off due to a pretty hard front end collision. I said, wow, t hat looks pretty cool. So i pried the other one off. Here are my new headlights, sorta debadged body, and new wheels.

Initial D
2003.08.26, 08:19 PM

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2003.08.26, 08:20 PM

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2003.08.26, 08:22 PM

Initial D
2003.08.26, 08:24 PM
5, that's it folks!

2003.08.26, 10:11 PM
Clean, very clean. A little too clean actually... c'mon man! Get some battle scars on the thing!


2003.08.28, 06:16 PM
nat to shabby, Those are some nice wheels:D

2003.08.30, 12:18 AM
i don't like'em....................that was just my opinion..................i guess i have different taste from ya'll