View Full Version : Any So. Cali's with Overlands?

2003.08.28, 01:05 AM
Anyone in the San Diego, LA, Palm Springs Areas with Overlands?

2003.08.28, 01:25 AM
Im near redondo beach. I have a overland

2003.08.28, 01:16 PM
Where is redondo beach?

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.08.28, 07:05 PM
Soon, soon...
Wait until after September 30th, and I will have one...:D

2003.08.28, 07:54 PM
Right-O. I want to make a track, and run more than one car on it. It is just really fun to see offroad trucks run with each other:D

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.08.29, 01:34 AM
Yah that'd be really cool.... Hmm.... There is a park near where my mom is moving to that is HUGE. Plus it isn't all grass, some gravel and stuff. I can't wait until we move!

2003.11.29, 12:38 AM
i live in the inland empire:cool: