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2003.08.31, 03:48 AM
Generally speaking, I'm very happy with the site, but I have two suggestions that might make it better:

1) If you could attach a date to the site news items, it would help immensely for those who can't access frequently.

2) This one might already be there, but I just don'y know how: can you search by "type" in the shop, meaning all F1 items or all Overland items?


2003.08.31, 04:35 AM
In the Parts DB you will find the search by type, but you'll get all parts in the DB, not only the one in stock.
Maybe an option to ad in the search? "In Stock"?

The date attach would be nice, even I who access this site almost daily do miss new parts in stock...:o

2003.08.31, 09:57 AM
Thanks for the feedback guys, we're actually working on a few things that will solve all of these for you! We are going to be adding a Z/F1/OL dropdown to the Shop Search to allow restriction based on type. In addition, we're adding a different What's New that will show recently added items, which we will then evolve to show What's New since the last time you visited (Forum Members only). And then, the next evolution, well...let's just say you'll be impressed! :D

2003.09.02, 04:52 AM
While I'm at it:

How about a links page? It's always interesting to see the sites of other enthusiasts.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to seeing your "new, improved" shop toys.