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2003.08.31, 07:45 PM
Can some one tell me what is a Mini X?? is it the same size as a mini Z Mr1/Mr2? someone told me they are 4wd therefore they are supposed to be better? (BTW - I LOVE MY ENZO !!!)

3series takumi
2003.08.31, 10:47 PM
i have a mini-x. i had a Z but i sold it the day after i got my X. it is alilttle longer than the longest miniz wheelbase, it is 1:24th scale instead of 1:28th scale. stock to stock a mini will beat in it speed due to less moving parts but as soon as you hit the first corner i think the X will swoop on it. it was shown when i raced my friends SO2 powered z with my once stock x at the tokyotekki in track SF. the minix also has 4wheel independant suspension. mine came with 4cells but i upgraded it to 5 cells and it is as fast as an X-speed powered mini-z.they (http://racing.************/html/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=52) have info about it. i hope i did that right. any more q's about it you can email me

i included a pic of my current setup, i like to call it Zkiller

2003.09.01, 12:38 AM
isnt the enzo also a 1:24? I wonder is the bodies designed for the enzo could fit a mini x

One thing I am interested to know: Who is the maker of these cars, and nother thing , is there upgrade part (hop ups ) like there is for mini z?


3series takumi
2003.09.01, 12:40 AM
the body is longer but i dont think the wheel base is and the body is too slim too. would be tight if it fit though

2003.09.01, 12:49 AM
what about hop ups?

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 12:52 AM
none available. basically leave it to creativity. they have replacement parts and thats about it. i plan on usin 2 miniz role shock sets on my miniz for the 4 wheels. i have a topcad damper installed at the moment and a pn-speedy motor

2003.09.01, 01:00 AM

I will look into it then,

thank you

2003.09.01, 11:27 AM
I have a ver 1 Mini-X and I don't have a good experience with it. (Sorry). I don't like the Lexan bodies (too big to fit over the car).

I have a Tamiya WRX shell for it, but I did not complete the paint job after I found that my X would only go like 5 KM/H. I think I damaged my ESC when I used 6 cells and a 35 turn motor on it.

My kit came with full bearings, but there whole thing still feels very draggy. WHen I removed the motor and give it a gentle push, it will move about 30cm before it stops. WHen I push my Z (motor removed) with the same amount of force, I get at least several meters of distance.

I have heard good things on it, so I might have gotten a bad set. Reading Takumi's posts (I think Mondo also commented that his X was fast) made me want to give my X 2nd chance, so I just ordered a ver 2 ESC for it, together with 2 stock motors and another Lexan shell to beat up.

So far, here's my take on it

Good points
- 4WD
- cheap
- can accept "proper" ESC and receiver
- camber adjustments (The caster is totally unusable for me. It's to much. It only comes with 2 degrees of adjustment - 0 degrees & Whoa Mamma!)

Bad points
- non-standard motor
- too much rolling resistence
- car tends to swerve to one side on throttle (somebody at TinyRC offered the 'gyroscopic recession' explanation, which I think is true)
- battery clips are so unfriendly to use. Mine is the ver 1. I think the ver2's battery clips are so much better
- motor gets Very Hot very easily
- cheesy shells. at least they are cheap
- the left front dogbones pop up way too easily. (There's a simple fix for it)
- ugly wheels (yucks!) My paint job wasn't that good, but at least it's better than transparent.

I have a positive feeling about the parts that I orderd for the X. If it gets my X up to speed, I can ignore most of tbe bad points.

Here's the link to the manufacturer's website Sun Sun Hobby Company (http://www.rc-xpress.com)

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 11:48 AM
i do have to agree that the version 1 was not bad, that was more or less just a demo car. i have a version 2 and out of the box was great. i also had a full bearing kit but it seems that mine rolled a little better than yours miketre, but not as good as a mini-z (due to the less moving parts) i didnt have a problem with it taking off in one direction but it did have a problem with turning sharper in one direction than the other. i used TA fix that they use on their shaft drive TC3, they add a little camber to the problem side to balance the steering. also i might have been the the version 1 esc that couldnt take the 6cell setup. my car took it just fine and i ran several of the tamiya motors (the esc has an 8amp limit) i did however burn in running a plasma dash after a while. the other differences between the 2 are the quality of the plastic. i hear that the version one plastic is brittle, the version 2 is a polycarbonate plastic...way stronger than my OL

i personally like the mini-x because it is easy to tune with camber on all 4 wheels caster, droop, and dual ball diffs. it is also east to mod on without the cost of expensive parts, for example

i have a mod that can add the long shaft to any 130 motor that cost ($8 about 15mins of time)
also i added more precise caster adjustments that allows 1-3degrees by .5degrees at a time ($2.99, dremel, about 10mins)
also fixed the front dogbone problem with an old pen spring (free and about 4mins)

i did alot of other stuff but i think that this car is great competition for a mini-z especially if you like to do home made mods. i would just make sure that it is the version 2

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 11:50 AM
oh yeah i forgot to add that i do hate the lexan shells it comes with. they are huge! and not detailed. i use 1/24th model kits on mine. i did find a few abc dtm shells that i might get just because i like the safety of the lexans

2003.09.01, 12:00 PM

2003.09.01, 12:32 PM
Thanks 3series takumi. :)

Which model kit did your Skyline came from? I got a Tamiya GTR R34 kit and found out that it was too long for my X. Nice car, btw.

i have a mod that can add the long shaft to any 130 motor that cost ($8 about 15mins of time)

Where can I get more details about the mods that you are selling (right?).

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 12:38 PM
i extended the wheelbase to fit different models. i have a gtr34 as well you can check it out at tinyrc.com i have pix in the gallery and i use the same user name.
i am not selling the mods i was just listing how much it cost me to do the mods. most of the stuff i have done is on that site. i have instruction on how to do the shaft mod as well as an adjustable tierod setup. there is other stuff but i dont remember all of it

2003.09.01, 12:51 PM
I'll search for it again at TinyRC

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 12:59 PM
i forgot to put that the gtr is the same tamiya one you have. the lancer and diablo are heller and i have no clue what the rx7 was. the rx7 fit without havin to make the wheel base longer.

2003.09.01, 01:12 PM
yup, found the same thread that I saw last time.


I posted a Q for you on it as I don't want to go too off topic here :)

btw, the X's wheelbase is not adjustable right? I couldn't find any threads about extending the wheelbase of the Mini-X.

btw, nice drifting vid!
Takumi's Drift (http://www.tinyrc.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12951)

I miss the days when I had a working X already....

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 01:41 PM
later today i will post how i did at the tiny site. i probably forgot to post it or it was too old

oh and thanx, it drifts smoothly with a set of mini-z wide slicks

i love drivin this little thing, i take it everwhere. every parking lot is a track and every patch of dirt is a rally course :)

2003.09.01, 02:56 PM
3series takumi -> Thanks. I'll definitely check it out.

ProfoxCG -> Sorry for hijacking your thread :)

2003.09.01, 03:12 PM
lol, I noticed !!

Its ok, I am learing alot of about these cars.

My idea way to buy a chasis the $25 set, and race it with mini Z at my track, i also wanted to put a mini z body on it like an enzo or something.

its seems to me that mini x is a very new product and is not a popular at mini z which is why there is a lack of hop ups and motors correct?

hopefully they can become competion sometime soon. As for now I think I will buy one just go play around- it reminds me of an overland (those are 4wd too right?)

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 03:15 PM
you can make the wheelbase shorter, it is pretty easy, but you will be able to only fit long wheelbase miniz bodies.

and the overland is rear wheel drive

the only 4wd mini's are the minix and the abc dtm-x4 i believe

2003.09.01, 03:23 PM
what about tires and rims? have you tried installing a Z rims and tires?

what about with of the mini x compare to a mini z ?

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 03:27 PM
go there http://homepage3.nifty.com/mazbara/page043.html they have a pic of one next to the miniz.

i am currently workin on adapting miniz rims to the minix cause there are tons that i like. the problem is the miniz wheels mount offset from the center and minix wheels mount in the center. so for the miniz wheels u would have to cut that middle part off. it would be easy on plastic wheels but not so easy on the metals ones

2003.09.01, 09:14 PM
The wheelbase of the Enzo is slightly shorter than the X.

2003.09.01, 09:41 PM
3series takumi

Can you explain on how to shorten the wheel base of the mini x? as you can see in the previou post is its only a little bit larger than the enzo / as you said long base mini Z bodies

3series takumi
2003.09.01, 10:38 PM
go to the tinyrc.com website and go to the minix forum. i just posted how to make the wheelbase longer, all you have to do is do the opposite. if you get that body on i am gettin an enzo for sure.
oh and what is all of the extra stuff on your minix miketre

2003.09.01, 11:24 PM
i need to sign up to that forum... can you just email me the jpgs?


3series takumi
2003.09.01, 11:27 PM
whats your email. email me at antext@hotmail.com and i will reply

2003.09.02, 02:39 AM
guys you should really try kawada's mid 24

2003.09.02, 08:05 AM
Originally posted by 3series takumi

oh and what is all of the extra stuff on your minix miketre

Heh. I was hoping that nobody noticed. :D
Those were the "milestones" of my journey in frustration.

- battery holder for 6 cells. I didn't want to sacrifice any cells from my Mini-Zs, so I refuse to solder any battery pack for the X. During operation with the faulty ESC, the battery connectors got very warm and melted through the cheapo plastic.
I went back to 4 cells, but found that the damage was irrervesible.
Now, any motor draws almost twice the current during no-load operation than when the same motor is on any of my Zs.
I re-wired the batery holder and chuck the Mini-X aside, having tons of fun with my Zs instead.....
until i came across your threads.

- home made ext turbo. Instructions on http://www.palmiga.com/myztec/ . I thought that this could fix my ESC probs. It didn't. The turbo worked on my Zs though.

ProfoxCG -> I have the ver 1 Mini-X. I'm pretty much sure that the ver 2 will handle 6 cells easily

herman -> I was looking for a cheap 4WD miniRC. Perhaps, after my X is fixed up, I might take a look at the ABC DTM-X4.
kawada's mid 24 - I don't want to go there yet, no sir. I've already burned a hole in my pocket :(

2003.09.02, 08:27 AM
I have both, but while the X now languishes on the shelf, I use the mid constantly. The Kawada is better quality, I didn't like the Mini X electronics. The Kawada arrive in kit form, so you know what goes, where, which make repairs easier. The X is prebuilt, but you have to solder the esc together and stuff. The Kawada is much more flexible when mounting bodies as well, and uses sockets and posts to avoid punching holes in the body. the benfits of 4wd are countered by very low ground clearance, and little suspension travel.

Just my 0.02

3series takumi
2003.09.02, 12:12 PM
yeah i wont say that my car didnt take work. but i started off with a $12 basic kit, i couldnt turn that down. version 2 electronics were far better than the version 1. i ended up buying a used version 2 set from someone on a forum. i added 2fets on it and it jumped from 8amps to 16amps. that fixed any motor compatablity problems i had. but i knew that i would be moving on to 180 style motors so i upgraded to an lrp quantum micro i found on ebay for $50 and a novak xxl for $25 at LHS. along with some tuning adjustments and raising it about 3 or 4mm my car is pretty much done (can be lowered for track use with the droop screws). after i enjoy it for a little while longer i will be adding that coreless motor they have availabe for the micro rs4. i also have a set of overland tires i use for it to "rally". from my experience it can track race better than the miniz had or the modded miniz my friend has, and it can offroad better than my overland (the tires add extra clearance to what i made previously) my next project is the dtm-x4 but some drawbacks i dont like already is the limited battery space and the suspension isnt anything i would really call suspension. also that thing sits so low i dont even know if i can take it outside. but that fact that it can run 180 motors without a problem and has fewer moving parts still has me interested

2003.09.02, 12:26 PM
I hope to see 4wd mini z in the future (maybe they can start with an overland v.2 )

by the way does anyone know if Kyosho is develpoing a 2nd version of the overland? or with the release of the MR02 where they just catching up to the overlands and F1?

2003.09.02, 03:22 PM
3series takumi -> What motor compatablity problems did you have? I'm planning to put in my 45 turn handwound in it. Actually, this might be the thing that damaged my ESC, but it runs fine on my Z. (without the shell, due to the long shaft)

lrp quantum micro? that thing must fly. how much faster is it when compared to your old config, using the ver 2 ESC?

ProfoxCG -> What MicroElectronics are you planning to run on your Mini-X?

3series takumi
2003.09.02, 04:33 PM
well when i had the vers2 esc i used the stock motor with a bearing can and neo mags. it was crazy fast. about as fast as miniz with an X-speed but it had way more torque cause of the neos. the new lrp has no motor limit for 180motors, i guess that includes 130 too. i ran a tamiya plasma dash in it and it was too fast to drive. i now use a pn-speedy motor with it with bearings and neos. with 5 cells it is matched with a miniz with an S02, with cells i think it can beat an s02. plus with the neos it powers thru corners. the only thing i dont like about the lrp is it has punch control you cant adjust. it basically wont let you hit the throttle too hard from a dead stop. it will pick up alittle speed b4 it puts full juice to the motor. that feature protects the esc and conserves power, but stops you from spinnin the wheels at a dead stop (i like to do that in dirt here and there. if i can find one for a good price i am goin to get a team orion coreless mod motor. XD i can wait!

2003.09.02, 06:50 PM
When you had the ver2 ESC with the stock motor and Neos, were you using 4 cells?

Do post at TinyRC when you fit the coreless in it. That would really scream.

Rats, now I can't wait for my ESC to arrive.
What do you think of the following options?
6 cells with the stock motor or
4 cells with a modified motor

I'll definitely put neos in it

3series takumi
2003.09.02, 07:01 PM
i say 6cells with the stock. that will speed up a stock car by 2x about. i think that setup will be nicer to the esc than usin a mod motor. also you would get better run time. you can also get some of those pn-racing carbon brushes, those things are great. if you are goin to use the mod motor setup make sure you get a pair of those FET's. 2 more of those fets that it comes with jumps the amp rating from 8 to 16. there is this one guy that runs 2 stock motors on that vers2 esc (with the extra fets of course). he has one motor up front and one for the back wheels so that it is more awd instead of 4wd. to do it he used the back halves of to minix. if there was a better lookin way of doin it, i would give it a try. but i dont want to chop up my X just yet

i cant find a coreless for under $50 :( i might have to get a teamorion micro elite instead.

2003.09.02, 11:32 PM
Originally posted by miketre
herman -> I was looking for a cheap 4WD miniRC. Perhaps, after my X is fixed up, I might take a look at the ABC DTM-X4.
kawada's mid 24 - I don't want to go there yet, no sir. I've already burned a hole in my pocket :(

:D well if you're going to look at the dtmx4, why not look at the kawada too??? the guys i know who have one really like it... only know one guy who has the x4... he busted it during his initial run, don't know what happened since...

2003.09.03, 01:57 AM

Herman, you mini-rc devil, you! :D

3series takumi
2003.09.03, 03:45 PM
just thought that i sould share this pic. i just added a power cap to my setup. i think i have officially ran out of room :( it is a 10v novak cap. it has so much punch. i can spin the wheels on launch on a smooth surface

El Tigre
2003.09.24, 07:45 PM
How do you tell the difference from first series electronics and second series?

3series takumi
2003.09.24, 08:03 PM
in the version 2 esc the foward FETs (ones closest to the wires) has a set of 6 empty dots where 2 extra FETs would go. the version 2 esc doesnt have that empty spot for more fets. it can only fit the original 4. also the version 2 has vertical standing FETs while the version 1 are flat (not 100% sure on that, most i have seen were flat)

i added a pic of the version one with this post

3series takumi
2003.09.24, 08:06 PM
this is version 2

2003.10.08, 10:55 AM
Originally posted by herman
:D well if you're going to look at the dtmx4, why not look at the kawada too??? the guys i know who have one really like it... only know one guy who has the x4... he busted it during his initial run, don't know what happened since...

I just happen to have a Mid-24 for sale....

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2003.10.10, 07:50 AM
I got myself an X from TinyRC too. It's a bargain at the price, with 4 cell pack, bearings and almost RTR minus TX.

I ran mine on 6-cells 750mAh tagged GP NiMh packs that I made.
I also bought the Mini-X 6 cell LG based pack too.

The Mini-X is quite impressive, I removed the ESC and fitted an Novak SPY that I had spare. I did retain the standard RX though.

The standard motor is a cooker, as in it gets hot... so I made a hybrid motor using the standard long shaft armature with a Mini-ZRacer BB Can and Neo Magnets.
Not only did it run a lot cooler, but man it was quick. Quite capable of outrunning any of my Mini-Zs and the MicroRS4 with an Orion Modified motor.

Unfortunately, it didn't handle too well. I gave it to my son who was elated with it. We fitted a Tamiya Subaru Imprezza WRX scale kit bodyshell to it.
He still drives it today, he reckons it's an amazing little car.
Unfortunately I didn't have the patience to fine tune it. My T-MAXX had stolen my focus.

2003.10.10, 11:43 AM
Originally posted by miketre
When you had the ver2 ESC with the stock motor and Neos, were you using 4 cells?

Do post at TinyRC when you fit the coreless in it. That would really scream.

Rats, now I can't wait for my ESC to arrive.
What do you think of the following options?
6 cells with the stock motor or
4 cells with a modified motor

I'll definitely put neos in it

Well, I got my ver2 ESC several weeks ago (just a few days after my last post).
4 cells with a modified 40 turn motor got the FETs way hot (burned my finger when I touched them). And it wasn't even fast to begin with.
4 cells with the stock motor is much more forgiving to the FETs, but it runs slower than a stock Mini-Z :rolleyes:

I should try the 6 cells, but looking at the thing simply does not compel me to work on it.....

I think that I should have gotten a proper ESC instead.. maybe a Futaba MC230CR, but I wonder if I have to get a new receiver to go with that.

2003.10.14, 10:05 AM
the Rx should work with any ESC, getting it to fit on the chassis would probably be the biggest hurdle...

2003.10.15, 07:52 AM
Originally posted by miketre
I should try the 6 cells, but looking at the thing simply does not compel me to work on it.....


If you are interested, I do have a couple of Novak SPY ESC's laying around, unused. One is new, the other is used and these are great for the Mini-X.
Drop me a PM to discuss with me.

2003.10.28, 03:01 PM
I finally had some time (and motivation to finish up the my Mini-X. I tried running it again with 4 cells, and it was quicker than last time... so I thought I'd try 6 cells again. I also installed the FETs that I removed from my unused ver1 ESC.... The FETs all looked the same, and I didn't know which is N channel and which is P channel. (See this thread (http://www.tinyrc.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=14253) ) so far, I've completed several sets of batteries without it getting hot.

I finally have seen how quick it actually is (Thanks 3seriesTakumi and Mondo :) ) I'm begining to like this car, although I dislike several things (in addition to the other bad things that i mention in a much earlier post)

- slow servo movement. didn't notice a diff in servo speed when i went to 6 cells
- the throttle is not linear. It accelerates slowly, and then shuttles across. I have tried several settings on my M8, and have temporarily settled for a positive throttle exponential of 20%. I find it difficult to find the medium speed, and as such, the cornering suffers
- it's noisy

here's a pic of my mini-x chassis with the battery holder for the extra 2 cells. i don't have a computer charger and have to use individual AAAs.

3series takumi
2003.10.28, 03:24 PM
i am happy to see you have given it a second chance :)

the esc isnt the smoothest in the world, but it worked for me while i had it. if it is shuttering i would try adding a punch cap. a guy at a hobby shop told me that aaa suck at holding voltage so the cap takes out the spike. i put one on and the shutters are all gone, unless the batts start goin dead ;p oh and also puttin that cap on protects the esc and motor and things run cooler. my motor use to be a finger fryer but that is now gone. as for the servo. i dont have that black one. i have the blue feather hitec-55. it was slow on 4 cells but goes alot faster with 5 and 6. i see you are using the stock tie rod. if you make a custom on, you can get a longer servo horn. the longer horn will let the servo not have to travel as far to go lock to lock, that should increase steering speed.

i hate aaa cells so soon i will be puttin 2/3a cells on my ride. they are 1050mAh and say they can put out 30amps with no drop

i put a pic of what my new layout will be

2003.10.28, 11:38 PM
If I was to start all over again, I'd buy the chassis (minus the electronics) and buy proper electronics to go with it. :)

I'll try the cap mod again to see if it helps with the motor heat. From your previous pic, I see that you connected the cap across the batts. Is this right?

Interesting picture. Is it also your plan for the coreless motor mod?

3series takumi
2003.10.28, 11:42 PM
yes to both Q's