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2002.01.21, 11:22 AM
right now i am running an x-speed with no turbo. 2 of my friends bought turbo's and ran the plasma dash motors. both of thier motors died in about an hour's run time while my x-speed keeps on trucking. I have my car pretty dialed in now and i want more speed but dont want to sacrifice a motor every hour. i understand that to get power you have to sacrifice durability to some extent.

1) what setup would give me more power then the x-speed without sacrificing too much durability (and do i need to run a turbo). i would prefer a high-torque motor vs. top speed.

2) how many hours run time can i expect out of my x-speed?

2002.01.21, 02:08 PM

Valid questions.

Motor life is variable. Remember, these are mass produced, cheap and (technically) unservicable 130 motors.
There are Members out there who get months of life out of an X-Speed, GPM and other types of motor with a Turbo.

There are other Members who get an extremely short life from their motors without a Turbo..

I don't think one can put a 'life cycle' on a motor for this reason.
However, motor maintenance can enhance the lifespan of your motor.
This Thread should help:



2002.01.21, 04:46 PM
Tucciim, I have about 2 years of heavy racing on one of my X-Speeds! It's currently turbo'd but hasn't been that whole time. The important thing is to keep them clean and lubed. But like Mondo said they are mass-produced and one may live forever while another fails after 6 months of light use.