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2001.11.12, 10:20 AM
They are the big thing as far as batteries go that are sold on ebay. I have 12 of them, and have had them for only a few months, and all 3 sets are going bad. I have 5 sets I run through my mini-z, 2 sets of energizers, and 3 of the NEXcell's. THey are all numbered and each set is used just as much as the next. All the NEXcell batteries are REALLY starting to lose their power, one set is near dead already. The energizers are still as new as they were when I first got them.

So, unless I just got 12 bad batteries, I'd stay away from them. They were pretty cheap, but I thought I'd get more out of them than this.

Just a warning :)

2006.07.07, 09:26 PM
uh oh.......

2006.07.07, 11:03 PM
keep going you got 10 more posts to go ;)
at least dont make it so obvious by bringing posts back from 2001 and replyign with such a little reply :)

The 50 post rush continues!

2006.07.08, 08:24 AM
Im with ya on that Drac. lol
Come on you know you wanna sell somthing Hurry Up and get your 10 more posts. rofl

2006.07.09, 08:49 PM
you guys make me lol....

5 more!