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Fovea3d 2012.01.04 10:01 PM

Printed bodies
I will start with a collection of bodies, they will be available for both the Mini-z and dNano unless specified:

Available & WIP

Fiat X1/9 Dallara for dNano & Mini-z
'73 Opel Kadett GT/E for Mini-z
Lotus Exige for Mini-z & dNano
**** '72 Chevy Camaro for Mini-z
Shara MT1 for Mini-z & dNano
***'71 Plymouth Barracuda for Mini-z
*2000 Honda Insight for Mini-z MA010 done + front body clip, small parts and wheels
*****Chevrolet Corvette Daytona Prototype - 102mm aka Deep Purple - Le Mans done
**** Cadillac cts-v coupe racer done
Renault 19 done

Then I have enough documentation to start working on these (* = votes)

****Alpine A110
Aston Martin DB5 (James Bond version)
BMW 2002 Turbo
Austin Haeley
*Bugatti Veyron
*Bugatti Type 64
****CitroŽn 2CV
*CitroŽn DS for FWD or RWD with extension kits (wb126mm)
*CitroŽn Mehari
Corvette 69
De Tomaso Pantera
***Dodge Challenger 70
'70 Meyers Manx dune buggy > version for the MZ buggy chassis as well as RWD racer in RM)
* Ford Capri
* Ford Escort MKI
Ford GT40 (the classic GT)
*****Ford Mustang Boss 302 or 429
*Ford Mustang 390-GT 68 Bullit
*Gumpert Appolo GT
Jaguar E type
*Koenigsegg CCGT
Lamborghini Urraco or Jalpa
*Lister Storm
Lola T70
Lotus Esprit
*Lotus Seven/Caterham (maybe for F1 Chassis)
Mercedes 300SL
Mercedes 280 SL
Morris Minimoke the prisoneer
**Pagani Zonda
*Pontiac GTO the Judge
Pontiac Trans Am 72
**Pontiac Trans Am 77 Smokey and the Bandit
*** Porsche 917 K (Mini-z version)
** Porsche Carrera RS 73 94-98 + Fuchs wheels
*Renault 12 gordini
*Shelby GT350
*Shelby Cobra (dNano version)
Spyker C8
Tesla roadster
*Vector W2


* 74 Nova SS
*** 71 Chevelle
** Hot rod (race worthy)
** nissan 370z nissmo 94mm +1F/R
****69 Camaro
**82-92 camaro and trans am
** Porsche 914
*** Alfa Romeo 155Ti DTM
* WRC Ford Focus 2008 - Abu Dhabi
**57 chevy truck
*80 full size chevy
*85 to 91 chevy s10
*KTM XBow for chassis testing
***1984 Honda Mugen Ballade Sport CRX
**1989 Honda CRX SiR (ef8)
***Dodge Charger 69/70
*99 civic hatch
*Jdm integra
*Eclipse 97-99
*Fiat 131 Abarth
*Lotus Elise (should be easy by editing the Exige)
*Toyota MR2 gen2
*Nissan Sil80/180sx
*Lamborghini Gallardo race trim 2N/2W offset (Mini-z version only)
***Honda/Mugen CRX 90mm
*2011-2012 Mugen CRZ
*Sterling Nova Condorman version
*Dodge Viper Competition Coupe
*Short track racer
*Armored vehicle/jgsd for the buggy chassis
*Tamiya Hornet for the buggy chassis
* vw concept golf w12
** AMX Javelin 74
* Corvette C6 LeMans
*BMW M3 really wide
*Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
**ford raptor svt 2010 for Overland
**Mercedes Benz GT3
****BMW M3 DTM 2012
*BMW KS 850
*87' Buick grand national
*'58 Plymouth Fury/Christine
*Honda s800 86mm HM
***Mini Cooper (classic) 86mm HM with fenders + version for dnano
*Mercedes A class
*Toyota MR2 gen2 90mm
*RB8 for Mini-z F1
**Jaguar XJR(x) "Silk Cut"
*Peugeot 905 Le Mans
*Porsche 356
*Ferrari P330
*Peugeot 405T16 Pikes Peak
**Peugeot 205 GTI/Rallye
*****Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA
*1st gen Toyota MR2
*Mercedes Benz 190E Evolution I and II
*1990 Volkswagen Corrado
*Koenig-Specials Competition I and II
*Koenig-Specials Ferrari Testarossa Twin Turbo
*Koenig-Specials Ferrari 355
*Koenig-Specials Porsche 911 Roadrunner
*Koenig-Specials 928
*Koenig-Specials C62 (street legal 962)
*Koenig-Specials Mercedes 500 CLK? I forget which the small one is.
*Koenig-Specials BMW-850
*Koenig-Specials Lamborghini Countach
*Koenig-Specials Lamborghini Diablo
*1972 Honda Z Coupe for Lit
*Bugatti eb110
*Volkswagen Corrado
*Lotus Plethora
*Zenvo ST1
**Alfa Romeo GTV6
*Mercedes CLK GTR for dNano
*93 Mazda RX-7
*93 Mazda MX-3/AZ-3
*96 Mazda MX-5/Miata
*Datsun 510
*84 Chrysler Lebaron coupe
** Honda CR-Z GT-1 > short wheelbase
**dNano kart
*** Audi R18
**Ford F-100 for Overland/Monster
**'79 Ford Bronco for Overland/Monster
*'70 Plymouth Roadrunner / Dodge Super Bee
*'70 Plymouth Superbird / Dodge Charger Daytona
*'67-68 Ford Mustang Fastback
*Nissan AE86 for dNano
*Renault 8 Gordini
*Renault 5 Turbo
*Mad Max Pursuit Special (yellow 4 door sedan)


-adjustable height side body clips done
-Chassis that has batteries accessible without removing the body.
-Wide body/fender flares for specific bodies.
-Adjustable wing for MZ and MZ Buggy
-MR03 RM & MM T-Plates in 4 hardness
-MR02/015 RM & MM H plates in 4 hardness
-dNano H plates in 6 hardness

Please vote for the cars you would like to see done in priority.

Some articles in my shop may be tagged "not for sale". This is temporary and means that I made it print for myself in order to check is everything is OK.


The White Strong and Flexible material for dNano body video
How it is printed

Stay tuned


byebye 2012.01.04 10:49 PM

Subscribed and excited to see this evolve.


imxlr8ed 2012.01.04 11:32 PM

If printed parts are good enough for the aerospace industry, they should be good enough for RC. I'd do some extensive crash testing first if you ever sell them as race bodies.

The parts I've designed that are printable are usually for decorative or non-structural systems. Fairly brittle but I'm certain we are not getting them in the most current resins. I even had some custom hide-away headset holders printed up last year... that was awesome! Straight from my screen, through inspection and onto the aircraft! This stuff is just getting too cool to ignore lately.

I'd look into designing a separate side clip system that can be lowered or raised. Might be beneficial to the racing crowd.

I have to vote for a 74 Nova SS just because... 71 Chevelle, just because... trying to re-live my youth on RCP. 73 Camaro will work too.

I look forward to your results, best of luck!

imxlr8ed 2012.01.04 11:50 PM

Ok... Just watched the D-Nano vid, that stuff seems to be the perfect level of rigidity! Is that sealed after printing? I know the chalky material can get finished and sealed with something like super glue. How does paint hold up on it? Does it soak in at all? Any plans for thin lexan windows?

Fovea3d 2012.01.05 12:24 AM

Well I broked it (finally :) )
The crazy guy stepped on it...

I have another one on the way which is the polished version, + added some details and made the door joints thicker, because they were barely noticeable on this version. V3.0 will have step proof reinforcements ;)

Thats what is nice with RP, a model can always evolve.

I'm with you with the modular mounting clips. Thats something to experiment.
I already designed several H and T plates 1 and 2mm thick in this material and in black. Some of them have funky designs, they are in fact extensible to fit my model kit adaptations. Thats perfect for experimenting the resistance of that stuff.

Yep the material is chalky/porous. It is not waterproof at all so if you spray it the paint will show through. I heard of the superglue tip but that would be quite expensive for a large surface. And that thing is thirsty! I experimented with Klear/Future wich is an acrylic varnish. I brushed with Klear until the plastic can take no more, let it dry and tested some coats of Tamiya primer.
After rubbering the second coat of primer hurray some shine did show.
It really has to be sealed in some way or it is a no go with this material. Too bad it is also the strongest.

Lexan windows: well that would make it complicate having the bodies made at SW and the windows coming from some other place. The windows painted in shiny black really do not disturb, at least from a distance.

chad508 2012.01.05 12:26 AM

This looks to be pretty sweet. I would like to try one out on a mini z as soon as you have something ready. I vote for the Bugatti and the gumpert for a race body. But I would love to have a old hot rod body. A Shelby 350gt or a camaro would be great. I'm for sure keeping my eye on the thread

byebye 2012.01.05 12:43 AM

I'd like
-Chassis that has batteries accessible without removing the body.

-Wide body/fender flares for specific bodies.

more to follow.


2.7RS 2012.01.05 03:18 AM

I'd like to see the following:
Porsche carrera RS73 for wb 94-98
Porsche carrera RS73 for wb 94-98
Porsche carrera RS73 for wb 94-98
Porsche 917k
Audi r8
And of course the Porsche carrera RS73 for wb 94-98:)

Almost forgot. How about Fuchs wheels for the carrera? in watherver offset that corresponds to the size of the body.

Digitalis West 2012.01.05 03:22 AM

Switching from a laser sintered 3D printing technology to a UV cure printing technology will give you a much better surface finish and should yield improved model detail. I do not know of any places with the nice online shop model that Shapeways has and PolyJet printing. However, the materials and output may be closer to what you are looking for. I use RedEye for printing jobs at my work but there are many others companies around who print with this kind of equipment. It should not matter much who you pick. Of all the printing systems I have used the PolyJet/Objet/Photopolymer systems provide the best surface finish by a good margin.

GrowIt has some nice videos on the different technologies.

Fovea3d 2012.01.05 10:56 AM

2.7 RS: this is what it should look like ;)
I thought of modify a 934 white body into a RS but that would be too much work. +1 for the assorted Fuchs wheels...
Oh and added the BMW 2002 turbo to the list.

Digitalis: Thanks, yes the problem with Shapeways is that it is rather basic and public than professionally oriented, there is certainly a way to obtain the correct material with pro suppliers, for now I will focus on the design of the models themselves. They still can be made by other RP companies as they all support .stl, why not for special orders.

I will stick some time with the ease of use of the SW shop. Probably things will improve their side too as they keep toying with new equipments and materials. Also it may be good for the hobby if a collection of MZ bodies stands out in the Shapeways catalog.

Probably I could build my own shop and freely choose a specific supplier, if it takes off. We will see.

Today I received the first body designed for the MZ chassis. Again, the material is awsome. The weight is just under 24 grs, including the bodyclips and attached accessories. The body is quite big, comparable in size to the BMW M3 K body.

More pics





The front clip is printed with the body as a whole, it is positionned above the slot (and not in it ;) ) Pre-cut and easy to take away.

The side clips are integrated and reinforced

The typical muffler of the GTE is also integrated

Some support material is stuck and hard to remove from the grill On the V2.0 I will design a less recessed grill.





The weight This was before cutting the front clip away

The real car

JuniorWKR 2012.01.05 11:03 AM

Please make the new nissan 370z nissmo for miniz in 94 mill with a width that could accept plus 1 rims front and rear...

Slubben 2012.01.05 11:18 AM

Make some vintage American muscle

all get my vote but, I'd also like a 69 Camaro.

bermbuster 2012.01.05 12:15 PM

73 Camaro....:cool:

B-main 2012.01.05 12:52 PM

can you copy 1/10 scale touring car bodies

imxlr8ed 2012.01.05 01:20 PM

Might get better resolution on the more visible flat surfaces of the vehicles if they were printed vertically as opposed to ground up.

I wonder how a flexible type of urethane paint would work for these bodies?

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