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Mini Z GT 2002.05.01 02:43 PM

Modded Geforce 2 GTS Deluxe for sale
I have a Geforce 2 GTS 32mb DDR Deluxe card w/3Dglasses. This card is equipped with ViVo and supports 3D Glasses which are included, Also comes with original box. Also has mods of Aluminum Ramsinks along with Crystal ORB. There is one thing, This card didn't come with normal clocks like all other Geforce 2 GTS'z. Normal Geforce 2 GTS card 32mb/64mb (DDR) is 200/333. My card came Default with 200/400 clocks. This card is one of a kind having the default memory clocks higher than any other Geforce 2 GTS. Now for the good part. Most Geforce 2 GTS cards when overclocked from 333 to just passed 400 like 403, start to see fireworks and screen disorientation. But since my card is modded and comes with higher memory clocks. Its able of hitting 250/450 w/out any problems @ all its rock stable. This card is very rare having Faster DDR ram than any other Geforce 2 GTS.

Asking $115 (Canadian) includes shipping & handling to n e where in CANADA.

E-mail -
ICQ - 140741720
Aim - lil eXperience

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