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Sinister_Y 2009.09.15 09:49 AM

Additional RCP tracks have now arrived!
In preparation of the store/track opening in early November, additional RCP tracks were ordered. This was done in order for us to make the PN Worlds track for the 2010 series.

They've now arrived and are sitting in the warehouse ready to be unpacked when the space becomes ready. Included in the order were a couple of rail kits. Although currently not sanctioned for PN Worlds, we will use for our club racing.

RCPMini-z 2009.09.15 01:10 PM

Good to hear. Let me know if I can help with anything going forward. Regarding rail kits, are you referring to the rail liners? If so, they may be used at the finals in Spain. Still need to work out the details with Philip.


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