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carrapateira 2012.05.23 02:20 PM

If you should choose a PN Motor Mount...

after 7 years of using my old Atomic v2 98 mm motor mount, I'm planning to buy a PN motor mount. I've heard they're good and with a low center of gravity.

I basically need it for 98mm mount.

I see some references, but are not sure which is the best one, and the one to choose...

thanks for your advice!

machgo5go 2012.05.23 04:06 PM

lfisminiz 2012.05.23 04:30 PM

Excellent mount.:)

skyler 2012.05.23 04:55 PM

PN motor mount
I agree. This motor mount is their best in a long line of great mounts. Also, you are not limited to can try other wheelbases if you decide (93-102). It works with a disc damper or tri damper or both. Motor changes are easy too.

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