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BNR32rwd 2016.03.20 11:38 PM

What offset wheel and size tire to get? And other questions lol
Hey guys new guy here!

So I recently just bought my first mini z and I absolutely love it! But I'm a typical car guy and can't leave anything alone. I've already ordered many mods for her already but I love the flush look of a wide wheel and tire. So I bought a mr-03s 2wd rm( narrow) skyline r32. So my question is which size offset will fit on my r32 body to sit flush. Also what size tire for the wheels and what type of tire for mostly hardwood floor in my house. I'm not going to compete or anything just a fun lil hobbie for around the house!

Just in case I'm confusing here's my list of questions...

What wheel size/offset
What size tire/ type of tire ( for hardwood floors )
What degree of camber for steering knuckles and tierod

This is what I can remember off the top of my head for now, but please any other suggestions for mods or anything like that please feel free to put down!

Thanks again I hope to be an active member on this site!

cowboysir 2016.03.22 08:29 AM

When I ran an R32 for racing I had +1 offset all four corners so you'd likely be able to get +1.5 to sit flush. You will likely effect performance by doing so though. ...when the suspension compresses it will pinch the tire against the body and stop that wheel usually causing a spin.

Tires for mini z aren't made to be a real performer on hardwood so whatever you buy will work as long as you keep them clean and free of dust.

Camber and tie rods are again a performance thing. Alloy knuckles will probably be one of your first upgrades after you break the stock ones bumping into furniture (been there...:D). 1 degrees is a standard but if you're looking for more of a street racer look you might consider 2 degree or more. You will make it look cool but it really doesn't help much.

Kevinmueller 2016.03.22 10:58 AM

I agree with cowboysir. Another thing to remember is that the body prevents the wheels from hitting objects. If you use a larger rim off set the wheels will stick out more from the body (especially when the wheels are turned). This usually means you will damaging either your suspension (usually the knuckles) or a servo gear when you hit a wall or other object.

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