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herman 2019.07.09 07:03 PM

Porsche 962 rothmans racing versions...
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I am aware that kyosho did come out with the 962 rothmans "racing" livery in a short tail and long tail version.

However, I just came across these two versions, where one tail is painted blue, and the other tail, which I believe found its it's way into production, is white.

Was wondering if there really was a blue long tail real life version, and if kyosho officially released this blue long tail version...

Found this blue tail on the internet... but it was #2

Thanks in advance for any reply...

soulstice 2019.07.12 12:40 PM

I checked one of my old spreadsheets and don't have a second rothmans longtail listed made available as an autoscale.

However I did see this image:

MZX322PR though is the white tail version and not this blue one as shown so that's inaccurate but I've seen more than a few blue tail images.

I have a chassis only long tail readyset at home, one of the earliest ones and I'll have to see if that body is different.

soulstice 2019.07.12 12:44 PM

herman 2019.07.14 03:45 AM

Oh gee... many thanks! I think I remember that image... but wasn't really sure if kyosho did release a blue long tail... since I don't recall seeing one in person... till now...

at least now I know I'm not the only one that has actually seen one... anybody else???

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