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Grijoti 2018.09.27 06:22 AM

Counter Steer mod - mini-z awd drift
Hi guys

So my mini-z awd ma020 sports is drifting like a baby ...

My mods:
- locked diff
- tow in 1 degree
- one way diff
- tow out bar -0.2mm
- camber 3 degrees

Now I wanted to do the CS mod .. Banggood has the part I need but its out of stock for a long time! Anybody knows of an alternative?

arch2b 2018.09.27 06:44 AM

Interesting, so that diff works on a Mini-Z AWD or are you looking for the equivalent for Mini-Z? It's the first I've heard of that, but not surprising given I don't follow AWD much.

Petrokl 2018.12.09 12:06 PM

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Also there are M'S Racing's axle and spurs:

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