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mini-z 2016.03.18 08:28 PM

Ann Arbor Mini-Z Dojo 2016 GTG #1 (3/25/2016 6:15 PM)
Phew! It's been a long, cold winter, and even though temperatures may be falling again (?!), it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy some HOT MINI-Z ACTION!!!! :D :rolleyes:

I'm very sorry for the delay in getting things going this year - I've just been completely overloaded for the past few months... :o I apologize too for the lack of polling this time, but the 25th was what worked for both myself and our gracious hosts ArborMotion, so, hopefully it's enough notice that others can fit it into their plans too!? :D

Please post if you are (or aren't) able to attend so that we can get an idea of turnout. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and I assure you I won't allow anything like this long of a lapse in future!! :o :cool:

Please get your shop orders in by 9am on Thursday so that we can have them ready in time - thanks! ;)

Hippo 2016.03.19 05:02 PM

I plan to be there.

rensuchan 2016.03.20 02:22 AM

Myself and the girlfriend will be present.

onrailz 2016.03.21 10:39 AM

I will be there! I'll boogie over to the Dojo right after work! Hope traffic won't be too bad in the hallway! LOL!

See y'all Friday night!


onrailz 2016.03.25 11:18 AM

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The fleet is ready:D

mini-z 2016.03.25 02:29 PM

Been meaning to post this: Manor Marussia jacked the 777 livery for 2016!


mini-z 2016.03.25 04:28 PM

Based on replies/txts/emails/hearsay it sounds like it s/b a pretty good turnout tonight - looking forward to seeing everyone!! :D :cool:

Mazda787b 2016.05.09 11:18 PM

Holy ****, I talked to Josh for the first time in about 3 years and we were talking about how good of a time we used to have with you guys. Glad to see this is still a thing, it looks like Zs have gotten pretty advanced in the past few years.

I sold all my RC stuff over the years, except for the old JRX-2. Been working at Beaumont, going back to grad school in the fall. Recently went to NYC in a Tesla Model S P90D with Alex Roy, had a few "big" cars (79 Corvette, 92 Mustang, 98 Neon ACR, 04 Z06). Was looking at possibly buying a Z to play around with while I'm at school.

Dave, do you still have the MRS? I see that Chuck is still running. What about Will, has anyone heard from him lately? How often do y'all run? I'd like to come out and hang out/watch one of these days.

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