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Wedginator 2001.12.29 11:16 AM

Check out this rear shock!!
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Hey, This is a rear shock I made my self out of a paper clip.... I didn't have money to buy a after-market shock from the store, so I decided to make one myself.... Hey, This shock works too.. haha

Mondo 2001.12.29 01:41 PM


Crude but effective! How do you adjust it? ;)


T Man 2001.12.29 01:42 PM

Wedginator 2001.12.29 02:10 PM

You adjust it by bending the metal... haha.... It works....
I actually had the cal lowered and it kept on bottoming out, so i put this paperclip on and bottoming out decreased.... heh

Draconious 2001.12.29 04:12 PM

I started to do that with my old broken antenna wire, cuz my flash light spring dont realy fit that well with longer susp plates... figured I better not, risk of short if it were to come loose.

Wedginator 2001.12.29 08:53 PM

hey Draconious, yea, i guess it would be a risk, but if you screw the wire on tight then it would be less risky...

Brett 2001.12.29 11:00 PM

i found a safe way to do it, all you go is get a old plastick buisness card and chop it up in small rectangle then you bend it slightly and place it above your h bar it helps i wish i had a digi cam to show

wrcracer 2001.12.29 11:23 PM

lol. talk about a jerry-rig....:D

Brett 2001.12.29 11:24 PM

i found an even better way to make a rear shock do the same thing with the card and all but make it in an n shape you can even make it higer if you cut the card longer aslo use a bit of blutack to hold it in place it works great

Draconious 2001.12.30 12:02 AM

I guess shrink wrap could solve that, I got lots of small pieces from the the small wrap has some pretty small diameters, and some are flexible enough. Or could use big fat wire from housing wire... its already insolated.

hmm time to go make a mess in the garage.

Mondo 2001.12.30 03:23 PM

Sane Solution
Debble in a real shock!

The look better to :D


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