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TopKatz 2002.05.14 07:57 AM

Are there some sites with some good info on trouble shooting glitching?

My car started acting up after I put my mono shock on. I had the antena touching the shock for a little bit, which was probaly not good. It is now inselated with a o-ring, but it still glitches now.

Any help here would be nice.

Russ 2002.05.14 08:18 AM

You might have fried your receiver on your ESC chip. if anything having to do with your antenna touches anything having to do with the batteries, motor, or motor wires, then your receiver will more than likely, instantly fry. But here is where you say, "exactly, I just put it on the suspension, nothing having to do with the motor." If you have an alloy motor mount & alloy rear shock kit, then it has everything to do with the motor.

Even if the switch stays in the off position, it will still fry. The only way it wouldn't have is by luck, or you didn't have the batteries in when everything was touching, but like you said, you had the car on & it was really glitching.

Best of luck & hope this helped!!!

TopKatz 2002.05.14 08:28 AM

The glitching is not all the time. It is usualy worse when i get about 15ft away... some times it is fine..other times it goes way out of control.

I dont have the aluminum rear pod(I actulay have on on order). I dont think that the any of the antena created a short, however my car is glitching. There were no bare wires touching the shock or the antena..but the antena was incontact witht he shock.

I did look at the board, and nothing looked fried....

Is there a way to fix it if the esc is shot? Is ther e away to tell if it is shot?

TopKatz 2002.05.14 09:36 AM

So is there a work around for this? It seams pritty lame that I would nead to buy a new $90 rx/servo set for my $99 mini-z to fix this isue.... Im pritty pissed off right now to think that my brand new mini-z is so porly desighned that I can create a short that destroys it so easaly!

ZZZ 2002.05.14 09:41 AM


Where and when did you buy your brand new miniz?

If I were you, I would take it back to the source where you bought it from.

If that does'nt work try calling Kyosho customer service

ZZZ 2002.05.14 09:43 AM

call kyosho customer service and see what they can do for you.

TopKatz 2002.05.14 09:46 AM

I could try that..but I got it from stella from hong kong... and obviously I did it to it. It worked fine untill I mounted teh rear mono shock(and shorted it some how...not realy quite sure how I did it!)

I supose I could call kyosha...but what am i going to say...

I hooked up a bunch of aftermarket it is flakey! give me a new board!

I may call the guys up in toronto, and see if they can fix my problem...that will be about half as much as a new rx/servo set. And If I have them do teh FET upgrade, I can then sell of my eagle turbo bost to help off set the cost to repair it.

I just dont see how I shorted my rx. There should not have been a open circut created. my motor pod is plastic, and all my wires(accept the antena obviously) are insulated, and did not come in contact with the antena.

This just sucks...

ZZZ 2002.05.14 09:52 AM


Where are you located??

There are 3 place I know where you can fix your ESC. Maybe I can help you pinpoint the apporiate place closest to you so you can resolve your problem with the least amount of money spent on shipping!

TopKatz 2002.05.14 09:55 AM

Kyosha wont look at it with out a recipt form a USA great planes that is out.

I live right outside of boston ma...

thank you for you help ZZZ

T Man 2002.05.14 03:04 PM

I had the same problem. I thought my PCB was fried, but it actually wasn't. I drilled a hole in the chassis next to where you usually screw the antenna in and screwed it into there because my car was glitching when I put the the shock set and the motor mount on it.

TopKatz 2002.05.14 03:37 PM

I have tryed removing the shock, the x-speed motor, and the eagle still glitches out after about 6ft..and some times just sitting right next to it....

Im pritty sure that my board is damagded

Gearloose 2002.05.15 02:46 AM

Before you do anything else:

Be shure that the little thing in the front of the servo(dont know what its called in english) is really NOT loose at all! I mean the thing where the two cables from the ESC is soldered.
Dissassemble the servo unit. Try to centre the "thing" and fix it in place with a tiny plot of grease or something. The tinyest movement of this "thing" makes the car glitch.

Sometimes the cables from the ESC is slightly moving because of the steering arm, which means that this little "thing" is also moving and can cause hell of a glitching. So a little greese on the steering arm to lessen friction on the cables is not wrong.

TopKatz 2002.05.17 06:58 AM

I may have come up with a quick fix to the dreded "shorted antena"...

I picked up some light gauge wire, and soldered it on to the antena wire that comes out of the chassie. I cliped of the mount, and shrank wraped the connection. Then I just threded the wire through the top hole in the piano wire antena(and atachted it to the mounting hole like normal)... this way my new antena has some support.

I know have basicaly regained anuff range to tool around the house again!

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