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mini-z 2010.12.06 05:06 AM 10th Anniversary!
I'm really excited to announce that today is the 10th Anniversary of! It's been a long and exciting journey, and I can't begin to recount or catalog all of the experiences we've had along the way. I was looking back through old threads, trying to pick some of the funniest, most insightful, most touching posts etc. - and I just got lost - there were way too many! :) I've made so many great friends, attended so many cool events, and had so much fun as a result of this hobby, and much of that has been due to and the subsequent network of Tiny RC sites.

Today we are kicking off a year-long celebration - we've got all kinds of exciting things planned - some of which we'll be revealing shortly - you may have already noticed a few clues around here and there…and there's lots more to come. First, I wanted to invite everyone to share a memory or say a few words in this thread - hopefully in another 10 years we'll be able to look back at these posts with the same fond memories and nostalgia as some of the classics we've shared… :):cool:

Also, just wanted to post a few "remember when" moments courtesy of The Internet Archive:

It looks like it only goes back as far as 2001, by which time it seems we were well on our way - check out the old home page - lots of exciting News!!

Perhaps the first ever on-board Mini-Z cam?

Check out the "Featured Rides"

Shop! (oh, and look, the new logo - thanks Ken Mifune! :) )


Forums (hey look, herman's online! :D):

More recent Forums (almost 42,000 posts, and a banner ad! Fovea3d, who helped with the updated site header and MZR10 logo, was online at that particular moment too! :D Look at the Last Post column for some other classic member names! :) ):

2005, and there's a new design, and Kyosho have apparently announced an AWD Mini-Z?!

I'll cut myself off there - please share your memories by posting to this thread, and keep an eye out for other threads tagged with "MZR10" (hint: you can click the logo in the upper right any time to get a list) - here's to another great decade!!! :) :cool:

pedrocamp 2010.12.06 06:06 AM

I bought some MR01s in Japan when they first came out and thought they were very cool. I never knew how many other people thought they were too until a couple of years later when I found Thanks for giving us a forum to unite and to meet many new friends! I don't think the MiniZ hobby and racing would be where it is today in this country without again thanks!

Pedro Campuzano

imxlr8ed 2010.12.06 09:39 AM

No doubt this scale would be nowhere near where it is now without this website! Here's to 10 more years! :D

arch2b 2010.12.06 12:38 PM

i'd like to say i remember it like it was yesterday but honestly, 9 years +, it gets a bit fuzzy:cool: this was while i was still in college full time, working part time and building my family as my youngest son was born 10 months earlier.

for me, it really took off with the release of overlands. i jumped in head first with all sorts of custom parts like roof racks, light bars, etc.

i couldn't even show my first post or thread started as the results only seem to go back 500. that only gets me to the spring of 2010. i'd need to go back much more than that:p

thank you david for creating this place and thank you to everyone whom has made it a 'home' of sorts for me. there were several years while in VA that is weas just me, my toyota vitz and the parking lot out front to go with my posting on MZR.

congrats to MZR and hope to see many of you in the next decade as well.

Ken Mifune 2010.12.06 02:50 PM

Very cool thread. That logo still looks fresh, ror. Happy anniversary!

mini-z 2010.12.06 08:27 PM

Hey Ken!!! Where have you been?! :D

Just wanted to share another special anniversary-related item: Arch2B, MZR driving force and long time close friend (with conspiratorial aide from Mrs. Mini-Z! :D) created a special commemorative body for me, which I was presented with this morning; these are just some quick pics from my phone, they don't really do it justice:

There are so many awesome little details, I kept finding new facets throughout the AM - thank you Arch!!! :D (d'oh, I appear to have hit the smily/img limit - there should be a bunch more smilies here!)

Oh, and Arch un-hid his build-up album today too:

More examples of the detail there...!

lfisminiz 2010.12.06 08:42 PM

This forum is the BEST source for the mini-z! I started in 03, without this forum i dont think i would be nearly as involved in this hobby. Congrats and many more years and growth to come........THANKS DAVID!:)

mini-z 2010.12.08 06:13 PM

Thanks L! :D

arch2b 2010.12.09 06:43 PM

Wow, not many long timers still here it seems. Anyone else from the early days?

Btw, if I recall, I joined tinyrc first and followed a link to mzr. Got my start online with bit char g madness.

mdowney 2010.12.09 07:10 PM

Great looking custom body! Is it hand-painted, airbrushed, stickers or something else?

arch2b 2010.12.09 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by mdowney (Post 399948)
Great looking custom body! Is it hand-painted, airbrushed, stickers or something else?

combination of hand painted, vinyl stickers and waterslide decals. the license plate is photo printer paper though.:p

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