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95_civic_gsr 2003.07.26 08:36 AM

Just Finished My First Track Video
Well we had our fist race two weeks ago and we set up our cameras to tape the event. We will have more racers today and we are going to set up the cameras again. This time we will be racing the track backwards wich is a much slower and more difficult race. But that makes it a much closer race. Hope to have that video up sooner.

The Largest Video 36.4MB

Smaller Sized Video 12.4MB

The Smallest Video 5.1MB

For more information regarding these files:

If for some reason you can't get these M-Peg4 Video files to load, tell me what format you want them in and I will upload them for you to view.

95_civic_gsr 2003.07.26 08:43 AM

Forgot to mention
These are stock Mini-Zs. They have the original tires. So I'm told that aftermarket tires rock so I will be ordering some of those soon. The only thing these cars have been modified with are NiMh batteries, custom built H-Plates, and dry ball bearings.

SSJ Char 2003.07.30 07:14 PM

thats a really nice looking track. what are those rails made outta? that stuff you hang hooks on?

95_civic_gsr 2003.07.30 11:53 PM

Thank you.
The rails are made out of Drywall Corner Bead, found at your local hardware or Home Depot.

Are you into:
What do you call those little cars? ZipZaps? Char-G Char-C ??? Zip Chars?
Anyways we also made a track for those, and raced them. But you can
only race two at a time. So we got into Mini-Zs to race more cars.
Just wondering from your login name.

SSJ Char 2003.07.31 05:26 AM

hehe. my name is a combo of SSJ from dragon ball, and Char from the badguy in the original gundam series. its an odd combination, but it was all i could think of. but i think my ragnarokonline name is the coolest sounding one, but its sooo long. its obsidianhunter. then my diablo2 names were obsidianX, and centurianX.

95_civic_gsr 2003.07.31 03:25 PM

Has anyone even downloaded the movie?
Does anyone like it?
I was pretty proud of it but I guess once you've see one Mini-Z movie you've seen them all.
I guess its just me, I download every video of these cars that I can find.
I guess we will need to have all six race cars on the track and see what everyone thinks.
I saw more comments on the Kyosho F-1 Mini-Z movie, and they were just barely going around a simple oval track.

Did the video suck. Was there not enough action? Not enough wreaks?
Too long? Boring? Or like my reply to this thread, too long winded...

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