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Sinister_Y 2006.06.07 01:44 PM

Mini-Car Club of Canada (Toronto) Jun 17th Race
Next MC3 (Mini-Car Club of Canada) event is on Saturday, June 17th in the parking lot just in front of A&J hobbies (Kennedy and Hwy 7). :)

This event is a race and participation for club members will carry a nominal fee of between $1 and $5 per person to cover the cost of renting the CORE lap timing system.

Non-members rate is $5 plus prorated event cost of between $1-5 :eek:


o Power will be available for chargers
o There will be a main table & chairs inside the store to work on your car
o A compressor will be available to clean your car

ďJuniorĒ track members can carry on as normal and practice on the junior track but must continue to register their frequencies on the whiteboard in order to avoid radio conflicts.

RJB Enterprises has sponsored this race to provide samples of their trophy tags. Tags will be awarded to the top 3 drivers in each main up until C main. RJB is working on a F1 style wheel made of out of a solid dark wood that will fit all your tags earned throughout the year. Prices are TBD. :cool:


Item Start End Duration (HR:MM)
Track/Pit Setup 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 1:00
Driverís Meeting 2:00 PM 2:10 PM 0:10
Open Practice 2:10 PM 2:30 PM 0:20
Qualifier: Heat 1- Round 1 2:30 PM 2:38 PM 0:08
Qualifier: Heat 2- Round 1 2:38 PM 2:46 PM 0:08
Qualifier: Heat 3- Round 1 2:46 PM 2:54 PM 0:08

Break (Free practice) 2:54 PM 3:04 PM 0:10
Qualifier: Heat 1- Round 2 3:04 PM 3:12 PM 0:08
Qualifier: Heat 2- Round 2 3:12 PM 3:20 PM 0:08
Qualifier: Heat 3- Round 2 3:20 PM 3:28 PM 0:08

Break (Free practice) 3:28 PM 3:38 PM 0:10
Qualifier: Heat 1- Round 3 3:38 PM 3:46 PM 0:08
Qualifier: Heat 2- Round 3 3:46 PM 3:54 PM 0:08
Qualifier: Heat 2- Round 3 3:54 PM 4:02 PM 0:08

Break (Free practice) 4:02 PM 4:12 PM 0:10
C Main Race 4:12 PM 4:22 PM 0:10
B Main Race 4:22 PM 4:32 PM 0:10
A Main Race 4:32 PM 4:47 PM 0:15

Awards- Post race meeting 4:47 PM 4:52 PM 0:05 :p
Teardown 4:52 PM 5:52 PM 1:00

Note on qualifiers: Each heat will consist of no less than 3 cars and a max of 8 cars. Your best qualifier will be used to determine your main starting position.

The race winner of B and C mains will bump up to the next main of their class.

Class structure and technical rules (if any) for the race are to be determined by the club members at the driverís meeting.

Driverís rules will be posted as usual. You will be dismissed from the race and the club for any of the actions posted in the rules. This also means no refunds.

The club does not tolerate irresponsible and destructive behaviour.

Sinister_Y 2006.06.18 05:59 PM

A very sincere thanks to all that came out to brave the sun, wind and dirt! Special thanks goes out to Arden at A&J who supplied bottles of water to all of us about to expire from the heat.

Due to the unforseen extreme conditions we were experiencing (heat, wind and dirt), the actual race was called off, and a free practice was open to all who came.

I'm very happy to report that we had lots of new people show up (new members!) and we even had some xmod guys, which I think is great. A couple of guys had some crazy xmod upgrades etc...

Power to mini-car people!

The next event will be this coming Saturday, indoors at Toronto Zees. I've already taken the time to clean (by hand) all the things will be great for this next event.

Please bring your own tables and chairs. Power will be provided. Other events details will be posted later in another thread.

Thanks again to all for their support and help.

Pictures can be found here:

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