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picko990 2012.05.31 11:28 PM

grouping mains together into one
g'day i know if you send off your main (one race) results to HFAY to groups it with everyone else to get a result.

can you do that with multiple mains in this program? it is not generally practical to run more than 5 mini z's at a time but if you have say 15 cars and run them in 3 finals is there a way to put them all together?

briankstan 2012.06.01 07:37 PM

Flipside doesn't send the times in, it creates a file that you can upload to the website. You can create multiple files and upload them separately without any problem.

picko990 2012.06.02 10:24 PM

thanks for your reply but that is not what I'm asking.

if i have 20 guys to do HFAY we all want to know where we came among one another. we can't fit 20 mini z's on the track at once so we have to run multiple races but it is all the same race right?

so how can i group them together at the end to get a final position. e.g.. if you run 4 finals not 4 guys can come 1st!

briankstan 2012.06.02 11:43 PM

If you are sending the times in our website takes care of the sorting. If you are just looking to see for yourself you'll have to do it manually as the timing software won't combine results from different races.

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