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Mike Keely 2018.02.16 06:27 PM

Let's schedule a big race
So it was brought up to me today that some out of Towner's would like to see us put on a big race. I would like to hear from everyone your thoughts on what to run and when to have the race. Please let me know what you are thinking. Thanks MK

arch2b 2018.02.16 10:45 PM

Something for everyone, 90mm, stock and mod? Its a mixed bag with different experiences so more similar hfay and mod classes.

Unless interested in a spec race similar to those weve done in the past? Pick a body?

What is the tolerance level for an endurance race? Zround has new team features weve never tried out.

Mike Keely 2018.02.17 09:52 PM

So it is looking like the guys are saying March 23rd for a Friday open practice and the race on Saturday the 24th. Those three classes sound good Ray. Two 5 minute heats and then 10 minute mains.

tommy_greeneyes 2018.02.18 12:42 AM

Big race
Hey Mike. I would be interested in coming on down and racing with you guys. I'm still in the middle of working details of still having racing in New Jersey. But meanwhile give me full details of the three classes you guys are going to run. Looking forward to talking to everyone. :D

arch2b 2018.02.18 11:00 AM

3 Attachment(s)
I don't have any graphics yet for modified class but it's essentially an unlimited/outlaw class in which any 1/28 scale chassis, electronics, battery source is welcome. I'll see if I can't make something for a more formal posting by Gary/Mike.

Mike Keely 2018.02.18 02:30 PM

In stock class 9 tooth max. pinion size

arch2b 2018.02.21 12:16 PM

i updated the rules graphics and reattached to previous email. please feel free to use these in email/web/forum/social media posts if needed.

arch2b 2018.02.22 06:41 AM

alright, it's live! East Coast Challenge....

arch2b 2018.02.22 06:48 AM

Thanks Dwight for getting the ball rolling. Dwight already shared info on social media as well. Be sure to share and spread the word as well ;) I'll get the event up on the DC page tonight.

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