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arch2b 2019.04.06 04:06 PM

December 14, 2019 - Kyosho Stock + MOD Classes
December 14, 2019 - Kyosho Stock + MOD Classes

This will be held at Hobby Works in Laurel, Maryland

arch2b 2019.11.30 10:20 AM

As this is our last race day of 2019 we will be making this one special! Hobby Works will have Kyosho prizes to give out!

I would to run tutorial sessions for qualifying to get our beginner drives accustomed to how we format qualifying for races for the coming new year.

We can then run some qualifying and races for stock class and MOD class if time permits. I would like to begin the new year with more structured schedule for qualifying and mains as we will have had a good 5+ months of getting to know the track, racing program, format and rules.

Don't forget, Carlton has started Sunday practice time and help for beginners! This is entirely based on Carlton's schedule and please confirm availability with Carlton. Please be sure to thank Carlton as well :p

arch2b 2019.12.15 09:24 AM

Courtesy of Ganesh (Smokey)
Modified Class A Main

arch2b 2019.12.17 01:27 PM

End of year summary

Thank you to everyone who came out to Hobby Works to make our reboot eventful and in my opinion a resounding success! I couldnít have done that without you guys.

Hobby Works graciously put us some Kyosho prizes from Kyosho to give out to various race winners and want to be sure both Jesse and Kyosho are thanked for supporting the club.

Given the large number of new drivers that have joined, this year (6 months really) has been more an introduction to Mini-Z, qualifying and formatted racing. I believe this has set us up well for kicking off the 2020 season with continued progress on driving skills, participants and of course HFAY standings! Iíll try to figure out how best to get everyone more information on HFAY as we move forward as you can check in on your standings, results per track and standings compared to the global participation! Season 29 starts in January and ends in May.

For a refresher, we cater to 3 primary classes; Kyosho stock as introductory class to help build skill and learn from others; HFAY which is a form of Pro Stock that allows individuals to further branch out into uncharted waters of upgraded parts equipment; Modified which is basically an exhibition class for anything your willing to put on the track. Some people just want lipo, pan chassis with lexan lids and we have a home for it.

Naturally, there is a limit to what performance can be squeezed out of a 2 Wide L RCP track. in out case, the track itself is a good leveler if you will that lowers performance gain more elaborate cars will provide so while your free to run a 2S lipo AWD pan chassis, the performance gains are limited by the ability to harness that performance in the short length more technical tracks. I continue to recommend those that have that itch to scratch it at Remnant where they run on an equivalent 3 Wide L RCP layout and or Murdertown DE where they run 30-40ft straights! I have not yet been to RVA yet and assume they are running a track size equivalent to Remnant. We are very fortunate that we have a great selection of rather nearby venueís to choose from an each offers a bit of something different from the others.

We also work together to come to agreement on broad structure to rules/classes so that itís possible to travel and racing everywhere with minimal changes. Each group has their own constraints that they operate within that must be taken into account but by and large, it has worked well for us regionally. Some only race once a month, some twice, some more than that and then some every week. Once you feel comfortable, I highly recommend making the time to visit one of the other local/regional venueís. There is a place available for just about anything and if you have comments, suggestions, etc. donít hesitate to share them, there is always room for improvement!

arch2b 2019.12.21 07:35 PM

2020 Schedule is posted! Don't forget this is all available via the public google calendar that can be imported to various other things. ;)

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