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Mrs Mini-Z 2011.03.25 10:21 AM $149.99 MR-03 Body & Chassis Set & KT-18's In Stock!
For a limited time we're offering $30 off the Kyosho Mini-Z Ferrari F355 Challenge MR-03N-RM Tx-Less Body and Chassis Set - Red (2.4GHz ASF) bringing the already low price down from $179.99 to $149.99!!! That's right - with the F355 we're matching our already unrivaled low price on the MR-03 Chassis Set, but you get the chassis AND the body! :cool:


Also, the KT-18 is back in stock, with new limited edition Gold Chrome KT-18, and the limited edition Black and White KT-18 that comes with a foam steering wheel and stand.


Don't forget that all domestic orders placed by 2pm ship via USPS Priority Mail the same day. All items that we show as being in stock are just that - in stock, which means no extra waiting for you!


With the 2011 Formula 1 season upon us, we've prepared a sale for you.&nbsp; By using the coupon code <span style="position: absolute; clip: rect(0px, 23px, 25px, 0px); top: 48px; left: 322px; width: 1px; height: 1px;" unselectable="on"></span><span style="font-weight: bold;">F12011</span> at checkout, you can save <span style="font-weight: bold;">20% off of ALL Mini-Z F1 Products</span> from manufacturers like: <a href=";by_title=Y&amp;by_short descr=Y&amp;by_fulldescr=Y&amp;by_sku=Y&amp;includ ing=all&amp;substring=Atomic+mini-z+f1" target="_blank">Atomic</a>, <a href=";cat=0&amp;page=1" target="_blank">A</a><a href=";cat=0&amp;page=1" target="_blank">VM</a>, <a href=";by_title=Y&amp;by_short descr=Y&amp;by_fulldescr=Y&amp;by_sku=Y&amp;includ ing=all&amp;substring=gpm+f1" target="_blank">GPM</a>, <a href=";by_title=Y&amp;by_short descr=Y&amp;by_fulldescr=Y&amp;by_sku=Y&amp;includ ing=all&amp;substring=kyosho+f1" target="_blank">Kyosho</a>, <a href=";by_title=Y&amp;by_short descr=Y&amp;by_fulldescr=Y&amp;by_sku=Y&amp;includ ing=all&amp;substring=mantisworx+f1" target="_blank">MantisWorx</a>, <a href=";by_title=Y&amp;by_short descr=Y&amp;by_fulldescr=Y&amp;by_sku=Y&amp;includ ing=all&amp;substring=pn+f1" target="_blank">PN</a>, and <a href=";by_title=Y&amp;by_short descr=Y&amp;by_fulldescr=Y&amp;by_sku=Y&amp;includ ing=all&amp;substring=square+f1" target="_blank">Square.</a>
</ul>The sale has started and lasts <span style="font-weight: bold;">through Friday, April 15th</span>!&nbsp; <br />
---<br />
We're also having a sale on select Mini-Z Chassis Sets, and to make things easier for you, we've simply lowered prices - no coupon necessary!<br />
<li><a target="_blank" href="">Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03W LM RC Chassis Set with "Tiki Tiki" Chase Mode (2.4GHz ASF) - Limited Edition Red</a> - <span style="font-weight: bold;">$10 off brings the price down to only $249.99!</span>&nbsp; We are the only place the in the US that you can get this chassis in Red, and the easiest way for you to get into the "chase"!<br />
<li><a target="_blank" href=";cat=0&amp;page=1"> Kyosho Mini-Z MA-010 Chassis Assembly Kit SP Limited Edition</a> - <span style="font-weight: bold;">$40 off brings the price to only $179.99</span>!&nbsp; This chassis set already comes with both upgraded parts and specialty parts that aren't sold separately <span style="font-style: italic;">and</span> it's compatible with either 27MHz or ASF 2.4GHz units!</li>
<li><a target="_blank" href=";cat=0&amp;page=1"> Kyosho Mini-Z Overland MV-01 RC Chassis Set (2.4GHz ASF)</a> - <span style="font-weight: bold;">$10 off brings the price down to only $169.99!</span>&nbsp; Take your Overland over the top and back out on track with this 2.4GHz chassis set.</li>
<li><a target="_blank" href="">Kyosho Mini-Z MR-02 RC Chassis Set (2.4GHz ASF)</a>- <span style="font-weight: bold;">$30 off bring the price down to only $99.99!&nbsp; </span>Don't miss this chance to pick up a proven chassis that has the greatest customization opportunity of any Mini-Z!<br />
<li><a target="_blank" href=";cat=0&amp;page=1"> Kyosho Mini-Z MR-015 RC Chassis Set (3010 FETs)</a> -&nbsp; <span style="font-weight: bold;">$30 off bring the price down to only $69.99</span>, but don't wait because there is only 1 available at this price!!!<br />
---<br />
Also, we've done it again and permanently lowered most of our <a target="_blank" href="">AutoScale</a> prices!&nbsp; This is our second discount of this kind for those of you who keep track of these things.&nbsp; Add something red hot to your collection like the newly discounted <a href="" target="_self">Kyosho Mini-Z Ferrari 360 Challenge MR-03W-RM Fine Hand Polished AutoScale Body</a>, or something sleek like the <a href="" target="_blank">Kyosho Mini-Z Sauber Mercedes C9 No.62 WSPC 1988 MR-03W-LM Fine Hand Polished AutoScale Body</a>.&nbsp; It's our way of saying "thanks" to all of our customers for their continued loyalty and patronage. :)&nbsp; <br />
---<br />

Thanks to all of you for your continued support! :)

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