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mini-z 2006.05.26 01:58 PM White Body Contest: Less than a Week Left!!!
Just a reminder that submissions for the White Body Contest are due on 5/31/06! See this thread for full details!

Don't forget that the prize is your choice of any wheels (except Monster!) to make your car complete, as well as of course being featured on every single page of in our header graphic! :D :cool:

briankstan 2006.06.02 09:41 AM

When can we expect the winner to be selected? there were some really great entrys.

arch2b 2006.06.02 01:54 PM

i believe it will be a poll....

el tigre.... please tell me how your entry has anything to do with the mzr white body contest? it was to be a mzr themed car, not a novak team car :confused:

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