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herman 2008.09.29 10:56 PM

r/c heaven - through the years
hi folks just compiling my 'r/c heaven' posts through the years...
and linking this to my signature for reference...

have you been to 'r/c heaven'? i've been there a couple of times... and have more or less chronicled my visits below...

sit back, relax, click on the threads and read on...

hope you enjoy... :D

2002 - r/c heaven

2004 - r/c heaven

2006 - r/c heaven

2008 - r/c heaven

here's a related thread too...
contents of the following thread was and was copied from (
click here to see really good, in depth write up on shops in hong kong (maps and pictures included) written in 2008 by "stealth"

thanks ''stealth''

herman 2009.03.14 03:37 AM

2009 update... kyosho hong kong

herman 2014.08.01 06:18 AM

2014 update

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