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Sinister_Y 2016.01.29 07:23 PM

MC3 High Stability Kit!
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After considerable testing, we've released our high speed stability kit.


This kit is only compatible with the Kyosho MR-03 chassis and PN rear motor pod #MR2295B in the 98mm configuration and PN double a-arm system. It may be compatible with other systems but this is what we find works best at our track.

This kit comes with 2 pieces; 0.008 and 0.010" laser cut spring steel.

If you want your car to stop traction rolling at the end of the straight, this is the solution for you. Think of this system as a sway bar for your rear. The kit is made from spring steel and allows just the right amount of flex in order to keep your rear traction at optimal levels and return the chassis to center to eliminate tweak.

0.008 should be used for tighter tracks and the 0.010 should be used for higher speed layouts.

The kits feature elongated holes for mounting, allowing a perfect fit. Please keep this in mind when installing

Available immediately.

We offer wholesale pricing to qualifying dealers.

Kevinmueller 2016.01.31 07:54 PM

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I've had this kit installed on my Kyosho brushless MR03/VE PRO for a while now and it works very well on high speed corners/tracks. I run a PN 9500 Kv engine with NiMH batteries just to give you an idea of the speeds we run at MC3. With the new more grippy rubber compounds available on the market we found we needed to use harder suspension setups to reduce body roll through high speed turns. The problem we found with using harder T-plates is that they are not only stiffer laterally (side to side) but also vertically (up and down). The added vertical stiffness made the rear vibrate a lot and even with disk dampers and oil filled shocks the rear just couldn't absorb the bumps as well as it did with softer T-plates. So with this system the rear can still be soft vertically but stiffer laterally. We found that it keeps the rear tires in contact with the ground over bumps and allows you to take high speed corners with much more speed and confidence. It is easy to put on and take off and you can use it in conjunction with any T-plate. With my setup I use it with a Kyosho Medium T-plate. It is only designed for 98mm setups that use 94-98mm motor mounts. On slower tracks I remove it and with higher speed circuits I just slap it back on. When you put it on for the first time remember that the front mounting holes are slotted so they can slide forward and backward to align with the motor mount holes. It's best to secure it onto the motor mount first and then the front mounting holes second. I have a pic of it on my car attached.

lfisminiz 2016.02.21 09:19 PM

Got to test for the first time. Have it on my mod car. All PN parts with this piece. It was the best my mod car ran in a long time. Very much liking this kit.

Sinister_Y 2016.02.22 09:03 AM

Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate any feedback. positive or negative. I'm curious as to what the specifics are of your setup/track. For us, we have a medium grip track and use the smooth side of RCP.

lfisminiz 2016.02.22 09:35 AM

We run rough side. I would say med/good grip. Using the thinner kit plate.

lfisminiz 2016.02.22 09:36 AM

Also, med. Size track.

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