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arch2b 2018.06.22 07:23 AM

Drift Monkey Mazda MX5
I happen to enjoy 90mm wheelbase a lot. I also happen to like the Miata/MX5 as a drivers car so when Kyosho released the autosacle, I jumped on it and of course dove into some customs. First up is the Drift Monkey livery. I wanted a more 'street' livery and found this one on Pattos. It took several rounds of proofing to get the print version just right (lots of background stuff needed to be removed) and I'm very happy with the results. My long time friend and driver byebye developed a custom printed rear wing that literally slots right into the rear light buckets that is a perfect fit for this livery.

Krylon red pepper
Krylon sun yellow
Krylong black
Pattos Toyota GT86 Drift Monkey 2013 No. 24 clear vinyl decals at 1:27 with lots of custom requested deletions
rear wing is from ByeBye Racing

Drift Monkey Mazda MX5

SuperFly 2018.09.17 03:51 PM

As I look through this section, I'm amazed at how prolific you are. How many cars did you bust out this last summer?

I really like this color combo for the MX5, and decal work is top notch. I'm going to have to try the vinyl decals some time.

arch2b 2018.09.17 06:59 PM

When the mood strikes, I can knock out a few in a month. There are periods where I've done as many as 4 or 5 in a row and gaps as long as a year with none. What I typically do is keep an eye on Pattosplace to see what new comes out. If I find something inspiring, I copy down the link to a stickynote on my desktop and next time I get the urge to jump in again, I'll purchase 1-3 decals sets and work from there. Likewise, if I see a new body that really inspires me, I'll jump on that as an opportunity, such as the Miata and the Porsche GT1 which were done in the same run.

I've got a nice stable of customs that I'm racing right now so no new work for awhile. I'm at a point where I really have far to many that I'll never use so that always tamps down the urge a bit when I realize I've got a bin full of autoscales I haven't touched in ages. I probably have at least 24 whitebodies waiting for something as I typically buy them in batches in 2-3 at a time since you never know when they will get re-released.

Thanks, I like the Drift Monkey MX-5 as well. The rear wing Kris made really tops it off in my opinion. I already traded off the Dragon racing Miata so this is the only Miata I have left at the moment ( I have the soul red as well). Its a very fun car to put out on the track and that's really why I do it. I just like to have fun with this hobby. :p

Unfortunately, many of my past cars are gone and I no longer have photos of them either. A couple years back the Gallery got wiped and I had to rebuild and lost lots of my photo collections.

EMU 2018.09.17 08:59 PM

I wish I could do my bodies up the way that you do. That came out really well.

How do you like the mazda? What offsets does it come with?

arch2b 2018.09.17 09:46 PM

I really enjoy the Miata, as much or more than the Mini. If I recall correctly, I had the same wheel offsets as the Mini, as wide as I could squeeze under it. I thought mine was fun until I drove the Miata Kris had scrounged together on a stock chassis with I think a 50T motor. As long as you were smooth with the throttle, it was wicked fast and smiles all day long.
Alas, because I like 90mm so much, Iím always buying something or building something and never seem to get much time with any one body. Still I decided if Iím going to run the Miata or the Mini in Delaware. Iíll bring both with me for sure. My 90mm collection is as large as my 98mm collection. I have a couple miatas and will bring one for you.

If I ever do 86mm again Iím going back to the 906.

EMU 2018.09.17 10:49 PM

My 90mm collection is definitely larger than my 98mm collection. I've always favored 94mm to 98mm for some odd reason, so have a good amount of 94, and 90 for skinny.

I just found my old lambo lp500s, which I really want to get back into working order. It's got a few bad cracks, so will need some structural reinforcement, and a new rear wing. I wish the was more variety in the wider 90mm categories.

I would assume that the mazda mx-5 has a similar feel and characteristic to the s2000, which was fantastic.

I may need to dig to the depths of my storage bins and prepare some special cars for the Delaware race, rather than just going with the tried and true bodies. I'll be travelling very light, so won't be bringing my normal 2 cars per class that I normally do.

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