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arch2b 2011.01.27 07:44 PM

here is the base red coat

wing stenciling

top black coat

bits and kit

lfisminiz 2011.01.27 09:14 PM

Well done Ray!:)

arch2b 2011.02.02 10:35 PM

Anyone else have teasers they are willing to share?

herman 2011.02.02 11:57 PM

pretty cool work arch... :D

Mrs Mini-Z 2011.02.04 09:30 AM

Ok Mini-Z Racers - you've got just over a month left before your submissions are due!! Just a remind that the deadline is March 6th!

There is still plenty of time, and don't forget you can still get 10% off of our already discounted Kyosho White Bodies from now until February 28th with the coupon code MZR10WB!!!

Also, I wanted to let you know that we now have special 10th Anniversary Stickers available in the shop. There are two sets, small and large, and quantities are very limited! They all feature the 10th Anniversary Logo.

Thanks also to Arch2B for being the first brave soul to unveil his contest submission. Hoping to see more from the rest of you soon! :)

arch2b 2011.02.22 08:56 PM

no fun winning if i'm competing against myself:o waiting to see what else others have come up with....

blt456 2011.02.22 09:36 PM

Maybe I'll enter if I buy some stickers. I have 2 bodies that could be used but no mzr sticker lol

Skv012a 2011.02.22 09:59 PM

Its sadly looking like I won't have the time to deck a body out... but if that changes, I'm still in.

Mrs Mini-Z 2011.02.23 06:41 AM

Less than 2 weeks to go until the contest deadline! :eek: I'm sure you're all working hard on your submissions. Looking forward to seeing what everyone has in store! :)

mini-z 2011.02.23 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by blt456 (Post 406992)
Maybe I'll enter if I buy some stickers. I have 2 bodies that could be used but no mzr sticker lol

Come on guys, surely you don't want to miss this chance to be a part of MZR history?! :D Besides, L says he's got spare if you need 'em:


Originally Posted by hrdrvr (Post 401356)
Luke, send me a PM with your addy. Ive still got a couple of stickers left from the PN finals. I can spare enough for you to do a car or two.


blt456 2011.02.25 06:24 PM

I need to send him another message :p

arch2b 2011.02.25 07:46 PM

I sent a bunch of stickers to someone, don't recap whom. I really don't want to win by default:(. No fun in that.

arch2b 2011.03.01 08:58 PM

get those entries done quickly! deadline is coming fast:p

Mrs Mini-Z 2011.03.07 09:18 AM

Ok Mini-Z Racers - where are the contest submissions? Yesterday, March 6th was the deadline for the contest and we still only have 1 submission! :eek:

Are contests not cool and no one told me? Do you need a deadline extension? :confused:

If you were planning on entering but just ran out of time, we can extend the deadline. Please post here to let us know if anyone is going to give Arch2B a run for his money, or if we all just get to enjoy his great design. :)

We're relying on you, your creativity and enthusiasm for to celebrate our first 10 years and to see us into the future.

Looking forward to hearing from you....

arch2b 2011.03.07 01:59 PM

i've got my speech prepared if there aren't any other contestants:( hoping it's not win by default.

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