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ruf 2009.05.21 07:11 PM

FS: DNano blue R34 Skyline GT-R + battery, charger, hop-ups
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Name: Joe Chen
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Description: dNano chassis, blue R34 Skyline GT-R body, lipo battery, charger, bearings (+2 extra Kyosho rear bearings since I used Avids on the axle), 50 degree front tires, 20 degree rear tires, 10 degree rear tires, tuning springs.
Price: SOLD!

I charged up the battery and drove it for 5 minutes in my kitchen to check the bind to EX-1UR and create a baseline radio setting. Set the tweak while I was at it. Then I realized I just don't have time for this thing. :( I don't think I made it to 1/2 of the pack... :p Bearings are installed (which is a total PITA...) and I have 2 leftover Kyosho bearings since I used our old Avid MR-02 front wheel bearings for the dNano axle. Tires and springs are new in package. Also comes with the plastic bag of tools and parts of course.

shimey 2009.05.21 09:53 PM

Subscribed. :)

herman 2009.05.21 10:49 PM

how much how much??? :D

ruf 2009.05.22 12:45 PM

Original post updated with details, picture, and price.

ruf 2009.05.25 05:39 PM

Guess I was off on the pricing? Dunno what these things are worth.

Anyways, price reduced to $200 shipped in the US (international will cost a little bit more).

ocean rodeo 2009.05.25 06:20 PM

Ruf you have a PM.

Old Crow 2009.05.26 07:55 PM

You have a PM.....

ruf 2009.05.27 02:15 AM

Package is sold! Thanks everyone!

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