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Garug 2014.01.14 05:41 AM

LeViteZer availability
The LeViteZer parts are currently out of stock in many places. It will take couple of months to get more, sorry for the bad management.

The first batch was faster sold than expected, thanks to the pioneers who have adopted well the magnetic anti-roll suspension. We have only had positive feedback. The LeViteZer using pioneers are now driving faster than ever.

The good news is, there will be some optional parts that make adjusting the "spring force" even easier. Maybe you have heard about reactive caster, well that is coming too and also maybe rear suspension parts. The prototypes are working very well.

Last year Tuomas took the first position on Stock and second position on GT modified class at Paris PNWC 2013 with his LeViteZer cars. This year, we will see. Many exceptionally good driver are now using LeViteZer parts.

Ps. Some of the resellers that can be found at might still have the LeViteZer anti-roll magnetic suspension parts in stock.

mleemor60 2014.01.14 06:23 AM

Our very own Tiny RC has a few.

scoobyrs25 2014.07.13 12:51 AM

any updates?

Garug 2015.03.22 04:06 AM

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LeViteZer front will be available at shops before end of May

The shops:

Suspension at work:

mleemor60 2015.03.22 06:26 AM

Outstanding!!! How about the new rear damper pieces?

arch2b 2015.03.22 10:02 AM

now that rear damper is very intriguing. can't wait till we get restocks here in the states.

Garug 2015.03.22 10:15 AM

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I have to think about that. It is actually very good. Normally there is some play between the damper plate and pin, this solution removes that almost completely and provides more precise operation. the prototype has been tested for years and it works excellent especially on stock car. It is upper damper plate only.

On the video it is used on a brushless car with a very light (and not so powerful) brushless motor. Higher power modified cars benefit from tri-damper kind of solution as it provides more adjustability.

On the picture my Stock and GT modified

jdmgoodies 2015.03.22 03:32 PM

what camera are they using

tommy_greeneyes 2015.03.22 08:58 PM

I really like this frontend. Happy that you restock.

Garug 2015.03.23 04:29 AM

Thanks Tommy, it is always nice to hear people like it.

@jdmgoodies, it is a 808 HD key chain camera with a wide lens.

byebye 2015.03.23 05:32 AM

Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

Garug 2015.03.23 10:32 AM

Thanks byebye, here is some more Mini Z videos

Garug 2015.05.29 12:19 AM

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LeViteZer anti-roll front suspension is finally available again at

And should be soon available on other shops too listed in here

Fjaz 2015.05.30 05:16 PM

This suspension was quite popular for a while at the club.

Garug 2015.05.31 11:23 AM

It took for a while to make them available again. Special thanks for everyone that encouraged me to make a second run of them. Now it looks I can make a third run soon :)

There is plans to make also some additional parts available. The first one will be adjustable bottom magnets that makes magnetic force adjustment easier and more precise and works perfectly with existing LeViteZer parts.

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