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Breeze 2002.06.06 04:41 PM

Looking to start a SoCal Racing Club
I'm looking for any Mini Z racing in SoCal. I live in
Riverside Cy. and work in San Diego Cy.If you live in SoCal and
know of any racing activity, please let me know. Also,if anyone
is interested in forming a SoCal Racing Club, Contact me.

Queso 2004.02.27 12:32 AM

I'm intrested in forming a racing club

let's get it on

Breeze 2004.03.01 09:44 AM

Sorry Queso, I have since moved on. I now live in NASCAR country, Charlotte , NC. The Mini-Z scene is alive and well in SoCal,
though. There is a track in Rialto, here is the Info:

Net Zone has opened a new track for Micro RS4 and Mini Z. This is an indoor track, it is 40 feet long, 18 feet wide. Surface is Ozite carpet, facility is air conditioned, power outlets and refreshments. The track address is 1505 S. Riverside Ave, Rialto, CA 92376, Tel 909/877-2648.

Zephyranthes 2004.05.24 02:01 PM

I live in Del Mar, CA. I haven't seen anybody else with a Mini-Z before except my best friend who I convinced to buy one. I would really enjoy starting a club here.

Queso 2004.05.24 08:36 PM

Del mar is a lil bit south of me, but just last weekend I raced w/ some cats
down in anahiem.

It was great we had a giant RCP track and all the room we could ask for,
they are planning on doing a weekly thing.

If you are intrested in doing some racing drop me a line and we'll hook

LosiLover14 2006.06.25 07:03 PM

i live in eaglewood at the moment bout to move to virginia.

if ur in the LA area there is a huge hooby shop (cant remeber the name cuz its ben forever) they race every wednesday and friday 6-9 pm and the entry fee is 12 bucks for the whole three hours. includeds the chip for the lap counter and free practice on the track

MotorFX 2006.06.26 02:44 AM

interested as well, got 400pcs of RCP and a 2000sqft warehouse, have a my lil track posted on this forum...keep me updated


1M_K3V1N 2006.08.13 09:17 PM

wow cool i want to start one too i live in paramount

MotorFX 2006.08.24 01:39 PM

click here:

1M_K3V1N 2006.08.24 11:09 PM

Yeah well is that close to paramount? it needs to be like at the most 15 miles

EDIT:cool your only 11 miles from me!

Ouraydog 2006.10.27 10:30 PM

So Cal racing
There are a few of us that race once or twice a month at my home in Encinitas. We usually get together on Sunday mornings for a couple of hours of racing.

The racing is casual and we run cars that are fairly stock except for X speed motors and tires. We race on a 12x24 carpet track that I put down in my garage.

If you are interested, I will be happy to send you a notice the next time we are going to get together.

Regards, Bill Barton

srgntmoose 2009.03.02 11:58 PM

i live in del mar also! lets make a SD /del mar racing club and it will be awesome! thanks guys

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