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GIHOSU 2019.11.01 06:01 PM

Murdertown Racing Club GTG #3 - 11/23/19
Yup, expect another big new layout for your racing pleasure...

Saturday 11/23 the doors will be opening at 9AM, Practice until 10AM and then we start racing. Done time is 5PM.

Claymont Community Center
3301 Green St.
Claymont, DE 19703

The race will take place in the Upper Gymnasium. There is a 6 foot high driver's stand area and LED lights to ensure excellent visibility.

2 classes
70 Comp (or 3500kv)
R.W.Y.B. Mod
Rubber RCP Tires only

$30 - First car + food & drink
$10 - each extra car
$10 - Practice track time + food & drink

MRCS Micro RC Syndicate [GL Racing]
EMU Racing
Fast by Faqish
Brandywine Bikes

GIHOSU 2019.11.01 06:02 PM

Reserved for track pics

GIHOSU 2019.11.01 06:03 PM

Reserved for results

arch2b 2019.11.01 06:24 PM

wish i could make this one but will be at HW on the 23rd. :(

GIHOSU 2019.11.18 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by arch2b (Post 470316)
wish i could make this one but will be at HW on the 23rd. :(

Your presence will be missed, enjoy that HW event and keep it going...

EMU 2019.11.18 11:47 PM

I will be coming, swapping my mod motors to 3500kv to prepare for Remnant race... Need to figure out the gearing a bit, and make a body change on the AWD.

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