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Mrs Mini-Z 2011.07.08 08:07 AM

Saline Summerfest 2011 - Saturday August 6
Hi Guys,
We're once again participating in the Saline Summerfest, which this year is August 5-6. Our RC event is on Saturday the 6th with the same times as last year: 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

We're in the same spot as last year with three parking spots allocated to us. The spaces just off of Michigan Ave/ N. Ann Arbor Street in downtown Saline in amongst the Saline Street Machines.

We're still going to do "fastest lap", but a bit more informally than last time. The plan is to keep the timer running and identify fast laps as they happen instead of waiting to organize groups to run together. Hopefully this will get people through a bit quicker since they won't have to wait for all cars to be ready to run a "race".

Last year most of my time was spent taking names and fake smiling at crabby parents who were checking if it was their kids turn yet, so those of you who were there, can you please remind me all the things we learned and need to have ready on the race side from last year. :)

David is going to drop off track and table early in the morning to claim our space. David, myself and Chuck are all planning on being there during the event. Is anyone else available to come and help out?????? :):):)

Thanks in advance!
Meridith :)

hobbycar 2011.07.10 08:01 PM

We plan to be there again (on the Saturday).


Mrs Mini-Z 2011.07.11 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by hobbycar (Post 417077)
We plan to be there again (on the Saturday).


Hi Norman,
Thanks in advance to you and your boys. :) If you have time, can you give me a list of things you remember we need to have/change/do better. So far we remember we need to bring motor spray. Also, do you have any of the cars/parts? Long ago David mentioned you were going to work on them. Thanks again! :)

Also, David told me Okabe offered to help out too, so thanks to him as well. :)

rensuchan 2011.07.11 10:00 AM

I'll help out again this year. I'll also be able to help on Sunday the 31st for Maker Faire if you're doing that again this year.

MRDAVT 2011.07.11 12:06 PM

I will be able to support this, but labor only. Thanks.

Mrs Mini-Z 2011.07.11 02:50 PM

Don't worry - I'll do all the talking seeing as I don't know a motor mount from a servo! I can work the crowd, just need experts who actually know how to make Z's run! :)

Thanks Okabe and Lawrence! :)

ChiMiniRc 2011.07.12 12:56 AM

We just did an "open to the public and all new racers" event this last Sunday. This box fan came in handy. The cars where running HOT!

ChiMiniRc 2011.07.12 01:04 AM

The way we ran out event.

$1 for a 5 minute race. Esentially 1-3 minutes while we gather money and folks grabbed a car and controller. Then we called out to line up and started the race.

Winner of the race won a coupon for the feature race on the advanced track (we had one at 2pm and another at 4pm).

The feature race was this month's HFAY layout for an 8 minute race with our 2.4ghz cars (pn 70t MR-02's and Mr-03's but dialed down for speed).

- Overheating. Worst issue of the day.
- Some lost tires. Didn't have time to re-tape tires
- Bodies popping off. Had to make sure we taped the bodies for security. (So I'd say to remember battery strap tape or whatever you've had success with)
- On the AM radio's, folks hitting the steering trim and knocking the trim way off. After each race we drove the car back and made sure it was trimmed out
- 2.4ghz cars. Reverse delay a huge problem as expected. Added grief issue was pushing the RELEASE button on the KT-18 and dropping batteries.

I have to put a shout out to I-Lap and Flipside racing. Not a single problems with the lap counting. Bright as can be sunlight and not a single issue the whole day with hardware or newest (0.66) version of the software.

If I did it again? If feesabile, swap cars every race so one set can run under the fan while the other set runs. I've done this plenty of time before but not in such hot weather.

YoYo-Pete 2011.07.12 09:28 AM

I cant make it as I'll be at the Ypsilanti Roots Jamboree... But if for some reason that falls through, I'll come out and lend a hand on Saturday. (Or maybe I'll do both)

I'm going to try to do both. :D


Edit: Okay... I'm totally in for this.

mini-z 2011.07.24 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by ChiMiniRc (Post 417166)
- Overheating. Worst issue of the day.

What motors were you running? Last year we improvised and did the old upside down compressed air trick/hit w/ motor spray to try to aide the cooling process. I like the nose clip on box fan trick too, we'll have to remember to bring fans! :):cool:

Dojo members:
We need to borrow GiroZ transponders, we've got the two loaners plus my personal = at least 3 more if not 4 (the one loaner can be dodgy at times) or preferably one or two extra just in case (we will replace yours should anything happen to it - they made it through Maker Faire and SSF last year no problem though! :)).

Also, does anyone recall the layout from last year? I know it was an oval, but more specifically, the dimensions, so I can pack tiles fairly precisely vs. figuring it out on the day? I'm thinking we should use the Wide Large Radius Inside Turn Kit this year too vs. the more
If we don't have the layout file, does anyone have pics? Lawrence, I'm pretty sure you took some?!

Lastly, Norman, do you still have the problem NASCARs and the spare parts box etc.? :)

Thanks guys!!! :)

PS, just a reminder than in addition to helping out, all Dojo members or any Mini-Z owners in the area are welcome to stop by to race/show the crowd our souped-up machines and well-honed skills (or something!? :p:rolleyes::D)! :)

MRDAVT 2011.07.31 01:26 AM

1 Attachment(s)
You can use my transponda #22. I will take my Mini-Zs as well.
This is the sample oval, I'm not sure how big one you expect, though.

mini-z 2011.07.31 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by MRDAVT (Post 418058)
You can use my transponda #22. I will take my Mini-Zs as well.
This is the sample oval, I'm not sure how big one you expect, though.

Thanks Okabe! Here's a couple of pics from last year to get an idea of the size of the space - I'm thinking we should maybe do 3-wide and forgo the pit lane, since last year a lot of the kids were basically not steering and riding the corners to get around the track? And maybe the wide turns on the inside to reduce the # of sharp angles they have to deal with? Does anyone else have pics/remember how long the space was?

Here's an aerial view - it's the three parking spaces closest to the building.

So for transponders, we've got mine, the two house units (thanks Bryan for fixing the diode on the one! :D), and Okabe's - that's 4 - Lawrence, Norman, can we use yours too, that'll get us the 6 that we need min.?

Thanks everyone!!! :):cool:

MRDAVT 2011.08.01 01:05 PM

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I guess some part of the track needs to be 2 wide only or we need to modify the sensor bridge for tranponder.
Here is the another sample. It might be required most of "straight tile" we have.

mini-z 2011.08.02 07:23 AM

Good point RE bridge, we will indeed need a 2-wide section! Did you check out the pictures above - I think we might need to go quite a bit smaller - I don't have the exact dimensions, and we didn't use all of the space last time, but it looks like it was only about 6x12 tiles or something; we're not going to bother with on-site product sales this year so we can for sure go bigger, but ... Also, FYI the following tiles are at Bryan's house right now so should be taken out of inventory as far as this track's construction:

45 straights
3 bumps
8 inner corners
8 outer corners


MRDAVT 2011.08.02 01:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)
OK, this may be best available track with current number of RCP. The size itself is similar to HFAY track. If we make it bigger, definately need to get some tiles back from Bryan. By the way, does transponder work under strong sun light?

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