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HaCo 2012.12.25 05:26 AM

Very, very nice pics! Posted you link on my FB account.

Also thanks for your photograph pics, will try a bit on my own too. I would like to combine it with a garage diorama.

optimaforever 2012.12.25 05:59 AM


Originally Posted by arch2b (Post 439766)
there are some pictures floating around on how they make them, the molds used and glosscoating the bodies. i recall there being at least 2 brief interviews of sorts that have occurred over the years. all of it should be here on the forum as well. i have copies of the pictures of the molds if you want them for a background page.

Thanks for the info.
Actually I read from time to time the official mini-z blog but it mostly depicts the mini-z cup and this doesn't interests me :D Though this subject indeed is very interesting, the pics are sooooo small it's really a pity!

arch2b 2012.12.25 08:42 PM

yeah, i wish we had the opportunity to interview a kyosho product developer about mini-z history, production, etc. i don't have those contacts or level of resources to reach those kinds of people though.

optimaforever 2012.12.26 04:02 AM

I don't understand why Kyosho publish a yearly catalog for diecast and nothing for autoscales??? They could easily publish a yearly catalog for mini-z as they did in 2005 with the small one they gave away with autoscales.

optimaforever 2013.01.04 06:03 AM

MZM404BP BP Oil Trampio SKYLINE JTC 1993 (R32)

optimaforever 2013.01.04 06:04 AM

MZM404C1 Calsonic Skyline JTC 1991 (R32)

optimaforever 2013.01.04 06:05 AM

MZM404FE FET Sports SKYLINE 1993 JTC (R32)
As you perhaps noticed I'm focusing the R32 now :D

optimaforever 2013.01.04 06:06 AM

MZM404KS Kyoseki GP-1 Plus SKYLINE 1993 JTC (R32)

optimaforever 2013.01.04 06:07 AM

Mzm404nl skyline gt-r napolex 1991 jtc (r32)

optimaforever 2013.01.04 06:09 AM

MZM404RB Reebok Skyline No.3 1991 JTC (R32)
The Reebok... Funny to see the Union Jack on a japanese car :D

optimaforever 2013.01.04 06:10 AM

MZM404TBL Trampio Ciesse Piumini Skyline 1990 JTC (R32)

optimaforever 2013.01.05 03:35 PM

MZM404TS Taisan Klepper Skyline GT-R No 2 1991 JTC (R32)
Team Taisan, one of my favourite liveries!:D

optimaforever 2013.01.10 04:10 PM

R246-1103 SKYLINE GT-R R32 Racing School

optimaforever 2013.01.11 12:47 AM

R246-1102 Skyline GT R Group A Test Car

optimaforever 2013.01.11 12:48 AM

MZG105RB Reebok Skyline GT-R 1990 JTC No.1 (R32)
this is the old reebok skyline.

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