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addicted 2010.03.28 04:07 AM

Renaultsport Megane Wheels
Is it just me or are the wheels that come with the bodies extremely week? After one race my rear wheels have some how got a cut in them, and are disformed on parts of the outer section!
Has anyone else experienced this? While the body seems to be fairly strong, the wheels are of a poor quality :\

mikimotor 2010.03.28 04:36 AM

Was made expresly looking the really low weigth to improve the inertias.
We consider that the weigth in parts in movement must be ligth. And ligth means easy to break.
in. Next project like mosler aren't light like these.

addicted 2010.03.28 05:54 AM

ok, well is there anywhere to buy these separately from the body?
if i could get hold of some, i'd reinforce them before putting the tyres on!

mikimotor 2010.03.28 11:32 AM

Hi, if you are from USA,

addicted 2010.03.28 12:01 PM

i'm not i'm in the UK and i would order from there, but they are out of stock anyway!

arch2b 2010.03.28 01:59 PM

email me. i have a set i will give you :)

addicted 2010.03.28 02:07 PM

ohh you're too kind :D emailing you now :)

arch2b 2010.03.28 02:22 PM

they will be in the mail shortly. already boxed them up.

addicted 2010.03.28 05:23 PM

awesome, much appreciated :)

Chicken Little 2010.12.12 11:45 PM

Is the Megane (white or painted) body still in production or has it been discontinued? Our track just started running a Megane class and it's growing like wild fire. Can we still buy them?

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