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Sinister_Y 2016.12.26 03:56 PM

Preorders for KMD-FR01 up!

Delivery starts 1st week of January

cowboysir 2016.12.27 05:26 PM

how many kingpins are needed for build? It says you need F1 kingpins and...

MR-03 extra long king pins with 2mm threaded top (Atomic version) x2 (or long x 14mm screw’s x 2) (Atomic #MR3-021-L, pair)

a bit confused to say the least...

Hemmed and hawed but went ahead with the order....I'm definitely keen to hear news of a brushed version of the rear pod in the future (hopefully available separate) as I think F1's need more drag/magnet brake than can be provided by a Brushless system.

lfisminiz 2016.12.27 06:03 PM

Looking forward to it!

Sinister_Y 2016.12.28 12:52 AM

Hi, You need 4 kingpins in total. They are repurposed and that is probably what is causing the confusion. They are used to connect the arms to the chassis.

An assembly instruction manual has now been uploaded to the site for the kit. The link is at the bottom of all the pics. It has lots of pics to explain.

sorry for any confusion.

As for brushed system. All I have to say is that once you try the car, it's ballistic. You won't want brushed as you can carry all the speed into the turns. In fact, it took me a while to get used to it. I was used to off power turn in on my MR-03 and this chassis can go full speed into each turn without the rear breaking out. It's really uncanny to say the least. It is definitely going to take some guys a while to get used to how much speed you can carry through a turn.

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