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Pedester 2002.11.25 07:44 PM

Wheel bearing size?
Hey, I need to know the size of the wheel bearings.
I believe its 3x6, but I want to make sure.

Draconious 2002.11.25 09:24 PM

6mm Outer Dia x 2mm hole x 2.3mm wide
6mm Outer Dia x 3mm hole x 2.3mm wide

Pedester 2002.11.25 10:54 PM

Which size does the rear take?
(I got mine with a missing bearing, so I want to take care of that.)
Thanks Drac!

Draconious 2002.11.25 11:33 PM

Those are

Rear sizes...

(4) 2x6 FRONT
(3) 3x6 REAR

Pedester 2002.11.25 11:46 PM

..... :( I need to get back into that car.
I know there are 2 bearings to the fronts,...right?
Then theres 2 bearings in the diff case deal, and one bearing in one of the rear wheels... :confused: 2002.11.26 09:47 AM

Oi! When you buy the bearings, there's an INSTRUCTION SHEET enclosed. As with all Kyosho option parts. Since ball bearings are the first upgrade one does, I assume you might not know about this sheet. But now you do.

Besides, there's lots of instruction sheets to download on my webpage. Just click the "www" button below, and in you go.

Have fun!

Pedester 2002.11.26 05:18 PM

I bought it used, no manuals, no instructions, so I'm kind of shooting in the dark as far as assembly and matenance.
Thanks tho! 2002.11.26 07:35 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's the instuction sheet.


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