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AZOREAN 2015.01.08 08:57 PM

X-power discontinued the MRX?
Did x-power stop production of the MRX? I didn't see it posted on their website along with the nimh battery packs

DMALMAD 2015.01.08 09:01 PM

It is still there. It is under the MR-03 products tab and not the MRX tab as it is an option part for the 03.

AZOREAN 2015.01.08 09:13 PM

Ok i see it now. But no nimh packs anymore

NutDriver 2020.04.03 11:20 PM

Anyone on here who is available for MRX discussion? I recently got my hands on one, but I haven't run it yet. Would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.


EMU 2020.04.16 12:57 PM

Which version do you have? Carbon main deck or alu? v1/v2?

I have an old v1 with a brushed, havent used it much since about 2015... but generally I liked the heaviest weight installed in the chassis above the t-plate. What suspension/rear pod do you have installed? It is a good mod chassis, and shares compatibility with most mini-z parts.

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