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akura2 2018.05.15 12:02 AM

Just found an old iWaver 02... what to do with it?
I recently came across an old 27mhz iwaver 02... has anyone successfully transplanted a Mini-z ASF board into one? Even the Banggood one?

Or should I just burn it with fire...


herman 2018.05.16 12:19 AM

A long time ago I was able to put the kyosho 27mhz board into the iwaver02... was just... well meh... I ended up giving it to my nephew... at least he liked it...

For me not too much worth the effort considering the build quality and type of plastic iwaver uses... Hope this helps

arch2b 2018.05.16 07:10 AM

Recycle what you can, not worth the effort in my opinion.

EMU 2018.05.16 08:03 AM

It's really not worth the effort. Plastic is cheap, cracks easily. Not much good... if you want an mr02, let me know. I may still have one laying around.

akura2 2018.05.16 09:49 AM

Thanks for the info everyone...

I actually have a MR-03 Sport2 on its way that Iím going to put a Banggood ASF board into... I was just wondering what to do with this other chassis... it was a good idea back then... a cheap clone that could be easily modded... but now, Mini-z tech has gone so far that even the cheap cars are better...

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