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G-Class 2006.02.18 04:31 PM

NEW! Kyosho NITRO Mini Inferno!
New Kyosho NITRO Mini Inferno! More info can be found on the link below.

joshsrchobbies 2006.02.18 06:54 PM

Thats goning to be one fast car with that serio moter .LOL can you say 30-40 mph .

Looks like it will be one cool little car when the nitro version comes out .Can't wait

for this one to come flying by .


Twenty-Se7en 2006.02.19 06:47 PM

that would make too much noise for my liking. I love how the mini inferno can be run at like 3am without anyone being aware or pissed off :p

G-Class 2006.02.19 09:01 PM

Nothing beats the scream of Nitro engine, though.

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