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Sinister_Y 2016.02.08 01:07 PM

We're a Marka dealer; Marka tires back in stock
Great news, not only are we a Marka "Power" dealer now; we got our first shipment in stock.

At our shop, we find the best tire combination is Marka 10 Degree V1 rears and PN KS1038 (Medium) fronts. That being said, we got in limited number of Marka V6 fronts to try out. If they work out, I'll be ordering a crap load from Marka shortly.

We have plenty of Marka 10 Degree V1 rear in stock.

For Canadian shops, we are able to wholesale this product if you are interested.

slydini 13 2016.02.11 01:33 PM

Will you be getting in the MARKA Racing RK800 AAA batteries?

Sinister_Y 2016.02.13 08:10 PM

Hi, we may bring some in for comparison purposes. At this time, we find the tiger r/c ace batteries are the best for power and punch. They are also 800 mah.

arch2b 2016.02.14 09:25 AM

looking forward to your further review of marka tires. i am currently running these to find what best suits me as well (rough side RCP). so far it's PN KS soft/super soft rear and Marka V6 15 front. i have not tried the v1 rear tires, just V5 10 and less grip than KS soft on our track. haven't found the sweet spot yet though :o

Sinister_Y 2016.02.21 09:39 AM

So, we've finally had some time to test the marka v6 20 and 25 degrees front tires. Unfortunately we have mixed results :

First impressions from our best and fastest racer (he normally out classes the field by 3-5 laps) in a 10 Min main race:

The marka 20 fronts are too soft. They have too much grip and just traction roll. They also broke apart when I tried to true them to 22mm.

The marka 25 fronts have more grip on high speed turns compared to the PN mediums. But they have less low grip steering than the PN mediums. It might just be setup that caused this. They are better suited to a slower class. On my home track the marka 25's did a 4.98 and the PN mediums did a 5.06 so not much difference. I think they will be difficult for most guys to tune.

Whereas another of our a main guys loved the marka 25s. He did not true them whatsoever. He said they gave high grip immediately but after warming up they pushed more than the pn medium fronts.

We will keep you posted with more testing results. For now, I'd say go with marka v1 10 deg rears and pn medium fronts (ks1038) tried down to 22-22.5 mm for a medium grip smooth sided rcp track.

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