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pchan0 2009.04.12 02:19 PM

[FS] Mini-Z tire warmer
Name: Peter
Location: Toronto, Canada
Contact: PM
Description: Tire warmer
Price: $120USD, price is shipped.

Thread body:

Muchmore tire warmer unit purple edition modified for Mini-Z use, runs off your power supply or a 7.2V pack.

Price is firm, no trades at this time. Paypal only.


pchan0 2009.04.12 07:55 PM


mini-z 2009.04.23 10:24 PM

P, how hard was it to modify for Mini-Z use? :cool: :)

pchan0 2009.04.24 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by mini-z (Post 344903)
P, how hard was it to modify for Mini-Z use? :cool: :)


I pull the wires out from the original cup, cut up the original cup for a ring to fit Mini-Z tires then just use aluminum tape to cover up all the wires.

franciscantony 2009.04.24 02:09 AM

I am just curious. How much difference does this make?
i.e warmed tires vs. room temp tires


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